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Document Revision: 04142020


MSP430FRBoot is a small-footprint bootloader for MSP430 FRAM 20-bit devices which resides in main memory.

This software package includes all necessary source code and sample applications that are required to use and customize the bootloader.

This document is divided into the following sections:

What's New

Revision History

Installation and Usage

The MSPFRBoot package contains the following components.

Host projects CCS and IAR examples for host controller
Target projectsCCS and IAR bootloader and examples for target controller
Utility 430txt2c Perl script used to convert 430 .txt file to C Array used by host
Utility MSPBootLinkerGen MSPBootLinkerGen: Perl script used to generate Application and Bootloader linker files for IAR and CCS

Device Support

This release supports the following Texas Instruments MSP430 device families:
Ready-to-test Examples are available for the following devices :

Validation Information

This release is a GA version.


The examples may be built with either IAR or CCS.

To build the bootloader firmware, navigate to the corresponding target folder and import the MSPBoot_FRxxx_xxx project to CCS or IAR.

To build application examples, navigate to the corresponding target folder and import the Appx_FRxxx_xxx project to CCS or IAR.

Host projects useful to send firmware updates to the target are available in the Host folders.

Current supported LaunchPad boards are: MSP-EXP430FR5969,MSP-EXP430FR5994, and MSP-EXP430FR2433.

See the MSPFRBoot Application Note for detailed usage instructions.

Known Issues



This is build of  MSP430™ MSPFRBoot

Technical Support and Product Updates


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