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MSP430-FUNCTION-CODE-EXAMPLES is a collection of code examples for use with the MSP430FR2000, MSP430FR2100, MSP430FR2110 and MSP430FR2111 microcontrollers. The code examples downloads are grouped in the following function categories: Communication, pulse width modulation, system and housekeeping, and timer. A 2-page Tech Note is linked in the description field of each function and all of the Tech Notes for these functions are also available in an e-Book format.

The code examples were tested using the MSP-TS430PW20 target development board and MSP-FET programmer and debugger board. However, the code examples can be easily modified and ported to the MSP-EXP430FR2311 LaunchPad development kit - a lower-cost evaluation platform than the target development board. See application note SLAA812. For tips and tricks on optimizing C code for size see application note SLAA801.

For tips and tricks on optimizing C code for size see application note SLAA801.


Title Description Size
Communication Functions Single Wire Communication Host (SLAA768) 512K SPI IO Expander (SLAA807) 876K UART to UART Bridge (SLAA796) 508K UART to SPI Bridge (SLAA797) 872K
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Functions Analog Input to PWM Output (SLAA803) 856K Dual output 8-bit PWM DAC (SLAA804) 56K Servo Motor Controller (SLAA784) 580K Stepper Motor Controller (SLAA785) 584K UART Software -Controlled RGB LED Color Mixing (SLAA766) 36K
System and Housekeeping Functions ADC Wake and Transmit on Threshold (SLAA802) 544K EEPROM Emulation (SLAA769) 600K Low Power Keypad (SLAA773) 2120K Quadrature Encoder Position Counter(SLAA795) 524K Hysteresis Comparator with UART (SLAA805) 552K Multi-Function Reset Controller (SLAA794) 684K Single Slope Analog-to-Digital Conversion Technique (SLAA806) 552K Tamper Detection (SLAA813) 520K Programmable Clock Source (SLAA774) 2096K Programmable Frequency-locked Loop (SLAA791) 2100K
Timer Functions External RTC with backup memory (SLAA767) 36K 7-Segment LED Stopwatch (SLAA808) 464K External Programmable Watchdog Timer (SLAA789) 928K Programmable System Wakeup Controller (SLAA790) 1108K Simple Power Sequencer (SLAA829) 6372K Simple RTC-based System Wake-up Controller (SLAA792) 1056K Voltage Monitor with timestamp (SLAA809) 792K
All Function in a single zip file All Functions together in a single zip file 22668K
MD5 Checksums
md5.txt Zip verification MD5 checksums 4K

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