MSP430 Energy Measurement Library API Reference


The MSP430™ microcontroller (MCU) Energy Measurement (EM) software library provides the means to configure the Sigma Delta 24 (SD24 and SD24_B) in MSP430i2xx and MSP430F6xx devices to seamlessly implement Energy monitoring applications. The energy library supports several metrology functions to showcase best-in-class-performance when using Current Transformer (CT), Shunt sensors or Rogowski Coil.

The library also takes advantage of the Fixed Point Math library to compute the metrology parameters.

For more information regarding the SD24/SD24_B module please refer to the User's Guides below:

Supported IDE and Compilers


Library Architecture

The diagram below shows the library architecture. The library contains four API categories which are intended to aid the user during the development of an energy measurement application.


This API user's guide contains detailed description regarding each API available in the Library. The API have been categorized as follows:

The EM Library supports calculating the following results:

This API user's guide contains a description for the HAL ADC APIs:

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