DSPLib  1_30_00_02

Build date: 05082018

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The Texas Instruments® Digital Signal Processing library is a set of highly optimized functions to perform many common signal processing operations on fixed-point numbers for MSP430™ microcontrollers. This function set is typically utilized for applications where processing-intensive transforms are done in real-time for minimal energy and with very high accuracy. This library’s optimal utilization of the MSP families’ intrinsic hardware for fixed-point math allows for significant performance gains.

Supported Devices

Device Software multiply Hardware multiply SIMD acceleration LEA acceleration
MSP430F1xxx Yes No No No
MSP430F2xxx Yes No No No
MSP430G2xxx Yes No No No
MSP430F4xxx Yes Yes No No
MSP430F5xxx Yes Yes No No
MSP430F6xxx Yes Yes No No
MSP430FR5xxx Yes Yes No Yes
MSP430FR6xxx Yes Yes No No

DSPLib Filter Design

DSPLib includes a simple GUI to help design common FIR and IIR filters. The DSPLib GUI supports Q15 (16-bit) FIR and IIR filters for lowpass, highpass, bandpass and stopband types. Filter designs can be exported to a project workspace and generate code that can be used directly with the DSPLib filter APIs.

What's Included

DSPLib Product downloads

Title Description Size
Unlocked DSPLib_1_30_00_02_windows_installer.exe DSPLib Installer for Windows 50292K
Unlocked DSPLib_1_30_00_02_linux_installer.run DSPLib Installer for Linux 86668K
Unlocked DSPLib_1_30_00_02_osx_installer.app.zip DSPLib Installer for Mac OSX 29380K
Release Notes Release Notes 112K
Users Guide Users Guide 4K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K

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