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Build date: 03182011

The MSP debug stack (MSPDS) for all MSP430 devices consists of a dynamic link library as well as embedded firmware that runs on flash emulation tools (FETs) such as the MSP-FET, MSP-FET430UIF or eZ emulators. It is the bridging element between all PC software and all MSP430 microcontroller derivatives and handles tasks such as code download, stepping through code, break point handling and so forth. The MSP Debug Stack is used in IDEs such as Code Composer Studio (CCS), IAR's Embedded Workbench for MSP430 or other tools like Smart RF Studio or Elprotronic's FlashPro430.

Included in

  • CCSv4.2.3
  • IAR EW430 v5.20.4

New Device Support

    MSP430FR57xx, MSP430AFE253, MSP430AFE233, MSP430AFE223,MSP430AFE252, MSP430AFE232, MSP430AFE222, MSP430AFE251,MSP430AFE231, MSP430AFE221, MSP430AFE250, MSP430AFE250,MSP430AFE220, MSP430G2552

New Features

  • Enhanced MSP430.DLL to support LPMx.5 debugging for the MSP430FR5739. The MSP430F5739 can enter LPMx.5. The DLL will detect this device state change and send a notification to the IDE via a callback. LPMx.5 debug is just available on the USB-FET and on the FRAM ez430.

Bug Fixes

  • i_ReadMemQuick fixed: MOVA is now correctly calculated when resetting the PC after read out is done.
  • The thread handling and synchronization of the MSP430.DLL threads has been improved. The Critical Section mechanism has been replaced by a MUTEX which handles the USB communication with the USB-FET.
  • The erase problem, which was found on the new G2xx devices, has been fixed too. The DLL did not provide enough TCLK strobes when erasing the main memory. This fix is a DLL only fix; no new ez430-Launchpad firmware is required.
  • Fixed an FR5739 bug where the Disassembly window and memory window content is read wrong after code download
  • Fixed the password flow for FR5739 where the IDE would crash whenever a password was provided for a device that wasn't password protected
  • Fixed FRAM Memory corruption on memory write
  • Fixed a bug where the INFO memory wasn't 100% erased while download

Known Issues

  • To prevent problems when multiple USB FET’s are connected to your system: Please use different USB HUB’s in your computer. If you unplug an USB FET during an active debug session, the session could be interrupted and the IDE could stop working.
  • MSP430_EEM_SetBreakpoint() does not set range breakpoints correctly on all 5xx devices with small emulation logic. Workaround: None.

Older Releases

  • 2_04_007_001

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