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Introducing CapTIvate™ Technology

CapTIvate™ brings together an exciting new capacitive touch measurement technology, a powerful CapTIvate™ Design Center GUI, a versatile hardware development platform and a full feature capacitive touch software library, creating the next step in evolution for capacitive touch sensor design.


The CapTIvate™ Design Center is a rapid development tool that accelerates capacitive touch designs for CapTIvate™ Technology enabled MSP430 devices. By helping guide the product developer through the capacitive touch development process, the CapTIvate™ Design Center can simplify and accelerate any touch design through the use of innovative user graphical interfaces, wizards and controls.

Key features

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CapTIvateDesignCenter- Captivate Design Center for Windows 56784K Captivate Design Center for Mac OS X 53424K Captivate Design Center for Linux 56232K
md5sum.txt MD5 Sum 4K
Captivate Design Documentation
Release_Notes_CapTIVateDesignCenter_1_83_00_08.html Release Notes 80K
API Guide API Guide 8K
Users Guide Users Guide 4K

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