IO-Link Support for MSPM0

Industrial sensors and field transmitters are an important part of the factory automation and process control industries. Digital interfaces like IO-Link on the sensor and actuator level offer advantages when it comes to maintenance and repair in addition to providing seamless communication and improved interoperability

IO-Link is the first standardized IO technology worldwide (IEC 61131-9) to communicate with sensors and actuators. IO-Link answers the need of these digital and analog sensors and actuators to exchange process data, diagnosis information, and parameters with a controller (PC or PLC) using a low-cost, digital communication technology.

Texas Instruments has partnered with TEConcept to release the IO-Link device implementation for sensors and actuator reference design, providing a low-cost, efficient solution for IO-Link using MSPM0.

Please contact TEConcept or your local TI sales representative for more information.