AM65x MCU+ SDK  09.01.00
Release Notes 09.01.00

Also refer to individual module pages for more details on each feature, unsupported features, important usage guidelines.
The examples will show usage of SW modules and APIs on a specific CPU instance and OS combination.
Unless explicitly noted otherwise, the SW modules would work in both FreeRTOS and no-RTOS environment.

Device and Validation Information

SOC Supported CPUs EVM Host PC
AM65x R5F AM65x IDK (referred to as am65x-idk in code) Windows 10 64b or Ubuntu 18.04 64b

Dependent Tools and Compiler Information

Tools Supported CPUs Version
Code Composer Studio R5F 12.5.0
SysConfig R5F 1.18.0, build 3266
FreeRTOS Kernel R5F 10.4.3

Key Features

OS Kernel

OS Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
FreeRTOS Kernel R5F NA Task, Task notification, interrupts, semaphores, mutexs, timers Task load measurement using FreeRTOS run time statistics APIs. Limited support for ROV features.
NO RTOS R5F NA See Driver Porting Layer (DPL) below -

Driver Porting Layer (DPL)

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
Address Translate R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Use RAT to allow M3F access to peripheral address space -
Clock R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Tick timer at user specified resolution, timeouts and delays -
CycleCounter R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Measure CPU cycles using CPU specific internal counters -
Debug R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Logging and assert to any combo of: UART, CCS, shared memory -
Heap R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Create arbitrary heaps in user defined memory segments -
Hwi R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Interrupt register, enable/disable/restore -
MPU R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Setup MPU and control access to address space -
Semaphore R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Binary, Counting Semaphore, recursive mutexs with timeout -
Task R5F NA FreeRTOS Create, delete tasks -
Timer R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Configure arbitrary timers -

SOC Device Drivers

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
GPIO R5F YES Basic input/output, GPIO as interrupt -
IPC Notify R5F YES Low latency IPC between RTOS/NORTOS CPUs -
IPC Rpmsg R5F YES RPMessage protocol based IPC, R5F and Linux A53 cores -
I2C R5F YES Controller mode, basic read/write, polling and interrupt mode -
Pinmux R5F YES Tested with multiple peripheral pinmuxes -
Sciclient R5F YES Tested with clock setup, module on/off -
UART R5F YES Basic read/write, polling, interrupt mode, -
UDMA R5F YES Basic memory copy, SW trigger, Chaining -

Fixed Issues


Known Issues