AM64x MCU+ SDK  09.02.00
Ethernet PRU_ICSSG instance-0 (PRU_ICSSG0) USAGE GUIDE


AM64X is an extension of Sitara’s industrial-grade portfolio into high-performance microcontrollers. The AM64X device is built for industrial applications, such as motor drives and remote I/O modules, which require a combination of real-time communications and processing. The AM64X family provides scalable performance with up to two instances of Sitara’s gigabit TSN-enabled PRU_ICSSG. For more information, see Programmable Real-Time Unit Subsystem and Industrial Communication Subsystem - Gigabit (PRU_ICSSG) section in Processors and Accelerators chapter in the device TRM.

This is a guide to use PRU_ICSSG0 instance in PRU_ICSSG peripheral. On EVMs supported by TI (AM64X-EVM, AM243X-EVM), it is not possible use this, as the PRG0_RGMII1 and PRG0_RGMII0 pins are not connected to Ethernet PHYs on those EVMs. Would need a dedicated custom board to use this PRU_ICSSG0 instance of ICSSG peripheral. PRU_ICSSG1 instance of the ICSSG peripheral has no such limitations.

This is the setup guide to bring up PRU_ICSSG0 instance on your custom board or ICSSG0 enabled device.

On AM64X, we do not have out of the box support for ICSSG0.

  • The PRU_ICSSG0 supported on AM64X SoC, but the standard issue TI EVMs and LaunchPads do not have board support.
  • You can have PRU_ICSSG0 support with a custom board. Contact TI for more details and possibilities.

SoC Architecture and details.

Platforms Supporting PRU_ICSSG0

The driver is compatible for PRU_ICSSG0 and provides full support out of the box.

Parameter Value
CPU + OS r5fss0-0_freertos, r5fss0-0_nortos
Toolchain ti-arm-clang
Supported Board Custom Board only*

Configurations supported by PRU_ICSSG0

PRU_ICSSG0 supports all modes and combinations supported by ENET-ICSSG driver. The follwing combinations are tested and verified.

Parameter Value
CPU + OS r5fss0-0_freertos, r5fss0-0_nortos
MDIO modes Normal mode, Manual
MAC Modes Dual MAC, Switch
LwIP compatible YES

Configuring PRU_ICSSG0 instance

  • In Sysconfig, in the ENET (ICSS) module under TI Networking section, set the instance option to select the ICSSG0.

ICSSG0 System Configuration.
  • In the same module mentioned above, set the MII/RGMII option which the custom board's PHY supports.

ICSSG0 System Configuration.
  • In the same module, find the EMAC Mode, and select either Dual MAC or Switch operation based on application.
  • In Sysconfig, in the ENET (ICSS) module under TI Networking section, in the Board config drop down options, find the custom board checkbox option. Please make sure to have the custom board option ENABLED.
  • In the same module mentioned above, in Board config, Update the PHY addresses of the PHYs with on board PHYs of custom board.

ICSSG0 System Configuration.
  • Follow the sequence and use appropriate PHY drivers to setup the PHYs on the add-on card for proper start up.
  • Match the configuration options in the application to update with appropriate MII mode and board ID for proper link up.
Use an ICSSG0 supporting platform to get this functionality. Refer to Supporting configurations for details.

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