AM64x MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
PINMUX Migration Guide

This section describes the differences between PINMUX APIs of MCU+ SDK and Processor SDK RTOS (PDK). This can be used as a migration aid when moving from Processor SDK RTOS (PDK) to MCU+ SDK. In PDK, these APIs are part of the board module in header files board_pinmux.h and AM64x_pinmux.h.

API changes

There are few changes in API names, structure names and macro names along with few behaviour changes with respect to SysConfig integration. These are listed in below table.

PDK MCU+ SDK Remarks
Board_init API with Board_initCfg set to BOARD_INIT_PINMUX_CONFIG, BOARD_INIT_PINMUX_CONFIG_MAIN or BOARD_INIT_PINMUX_CONFIG_MCU Pinmux_config In PDK this was abstracted using the Board_init API and the pinmux data was part of the library. There is no separate API in PDK to provide user pinmux data.
pinmuxPerCfg_t Pinmux_PerCfg_t Renamed and structure members renamed to offset and settings
pinmuxModuleCfg_t and pinmuxBoardCfg_t NA Removed. User should use the granular Pinmux_config API instead

Important Notes

Pinmux configuration is already integrated with each driver SysConfig code generation. Typically user need not explicitly call this pinmux API.

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