AM64x MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
I2C Migration Guide

This section describes the differences between I2C APIs of MCU+ SDK and Processor SDK RTOS (PDK). This can be used as a migration aid when moving from Processor SDK RTOS (PDK) to MCU+ SDK.

In MCU+ SDK, the I2C module provides higher level driver APIs.Refer I2C for more details.

API changes

There are changes in functions names, structure names and macro names. The changes in function names are listed below.

PDK MCU+ SDK Change Description / Remarks
I2C_init I2C_init NO CHANGE
I2C_deinit I2C_deinit NO CHANGE
I2C_Params_init I2C_Params_init NO CHANGE
I2C_open I2C_open NO CHANGE
I2C_transactionInit I2C_Transaction_init API rename
I2C_transfer I2C_transfer NO CHANGE
None I2C_probe In MCU+SDK, this API can be used to probe I2C targets.
None I2C_setBusFrequency

In MCU+SDK, this API can be used to set the bus frequency.

None I2C_recoverBus

In MCU+SDK, this API can be used to recover the bus in case of error.

I2C_close I2C_close NO CHANGE
None I2C_getHandle In MCU+SDK, this API can be used to get the handle of an open I2C instance from the instance index.
I2C_control None In MCU+SDK, this API is separated into 3 sub APIs. I2C_probe, I2C_setBusFrequency and I2C_recoverBus.

Important Notes

  • In MCU+ SDK, Users are recommended to use SysConfig to configure driver parameters as this will greatly simplify the task of driver configuration.

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