AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.06.00
Enet ICSSG Loopback Example


This example exercises the PHY loopback functionality of the external PHY (layer1) SoC. The ICSSG peripheral is opened with ethernet initialization (in MAC only mode) parameters and the PHY loopback is enabled. Note that ICSSG pheripheral does not support MAC loopback mode, unlike CPSW.

On AM64X, we can do ethernet based communication using ICSSG Hardware peripheral

  • ICSS
    • This is a firmware enabled ethernet switch + port HW
    • This HW can be used with industrial communication protocols as well (see Industrial Communications Toolkit)
    • In this example we use ICSS as a standard ethernet port

The examples do below

  • A Tx channel and a Rx flow are opened to enable data transfers. Packets are transmitted from the Switch R5F (Main R5F0_0) to the host port using the Tx channel. These packets are routed back to the host port by the switch hardware as the internal loopback feature is enabled. These packets are then transmitted to the Switch R5F by the Rx flow and the application is notified.
  • The Tx and Rx functions in the example are set to transmit and receive 1000 packets. After reaching the count of 1000, the application closes the Tx channel, Rx flow, ICSSG and restarts the application for a configurable number of times. Restarting the loopback test application ensures that there aren’t any memory leaks, and the hardware is closed properly and can be reopened any time.

Supported Combinations

Parameter Value
CPU + OS r5fss0-0_nortos
Toolchain ti-arm-clang
Boards am64x-evm
Example folder examples/networking/enet_loopback/enet_icssg_loopback

Steps to Run the Example

Build the example

  • When using CCS projects to build, import the CCS project for the required combination and build it using the CCS project menu (see Using SDK with CCS Projects).
  • When using makefiles to build, note the required combination and build using make command (see Using SDK with Makefiles)

Sample output for PHY Loopback

Enet Loopback: Iteration 1
Enabling clocks!
Init configs EnetType:1, InstId :3
Mdio_open: MDIO Manual_Mode enabled
EnetPhy_bindDriver: PHY 15: OUI:080028 Model:0f Ver:01 <-> 'dp83869' : OK
PHY 3 is alive
PHY 15 is alive
initQs() txFreePktInfoQ initialized with 16 pkts
- HOST PORT statistics
Mac 1 statistics
Icssg_handleLinkUp: icssg1-2: Port 2: Link up: 100-Mbps Full-Duplex
- HOST PORT statistics
hostRxByteCnt = 518000
hostTxByteCnt = 514000
hostRxPktCnt = 1000
hostTxPktCnt = 1000
Mac 1 statistics
rxGoodFrames = 1000
rxBCastFrames = 1000
rxMCastFrames = 1000
rxClass8 = 1000
rxClass9 = 1000
rxBucket5SizedFrame = 1000
rxTotalByte = 518000
rxTxTotalByte = 1044000
txGoodFrame = 1000
txBcastFrame = 1000
txMcastFrame = 1000
txBucket5SizedFrame = 1000
txTotalByte = 526000
Icssg_unregisterEventCb: icssg1-2: event not registered 1
Unregister TX timestamp callback
Icssg_unregisterEventCb: icssg1-2: event not registered 64
Icssg_handleLinkDown: icssg1-2: Port 2: Link down
Disabling clocks for ENET: 1, inst:3!
Test complete: PASS
Loopback application completed
All tests have passed!!

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