EtherCAT Slave  1.06.01

This is the integration manual of the EtherCAT Slave stack on Sitara AM64x Platform. The EtherCAT stack is executed by a dedicated R5F Core running FreeRTOS.

Features added by KUNBUS on top of Beckhoff stack for EtherCAT:

  • CiA402 and Modular Device profile
  • ESI file parser
  • dynamic reconfiguration of object dictionary
  • scalable architecture to support integration of further protocols (e.g. PROFINET Master, PROFIBUS, CC-Link etc.) and other TI silicon
SDK examples use evaluation version of stack. They will run for 1 hour only. If you want an unlimited version, you need to rebuild the Beckhoff SSC Library used by the examples. Please check "${SDK_INSTALL_PATH}/source/industrial_comms/ethercat_slave/stack/patch/SlaveFiles/src/readme.txt" for more details on how to rebuild the library.