AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.01.00

To see the exact sequence of steps in which boardcfg generation is done, see the makefile inside the ${SDK_INSTALL_PATH}/tools/sysfw/boardcfg/ folder.


This section describes the various tools used in conjunction with System Controller Firmware (SYSFW)

Tool requirements on host PC

  • The tools mentioned are implemented using python and needs python version 3.x
  • Refer to the page, Python3 , to install python and the required python packages on your PC.

Important files and folders

Folder/Files Description
${SDK_INSTALL_PATH}/tools/bin2c/ Tool to convert a binary file to a C array of hexadecimals
${SDK_INSTALL_PATH}/tools/sysfw/boardcfg/ Python script which validates the boardcfg. Used internally in the boardcfg makefile

SYSFW Board Config Generation

SYSFW Board Config is a SOC specific configuration data regarding the various system attributes controlled by the SYSFW. These include resources, power and clock, security etc. This configuration is sent to SYSFW during boot time. The default configuration is stored in source/drivers/sciclient/sciclient_defaultBoardCfg/{SOC}/

  • Resource Management BoardCfg - sciclient_defaultBoardCfg_rm.c
  • Power Management BoardCfg - sciclient_defaultBoardCfg_pm.c
  • Security BoardCfg - sciclient_defaultBoardCfg_security.c
  • For sending it to SYSFW, these files are converted to hex arrays. We use the python script to do this. This is done internally in the boardcfg makefile. If we change the boardcfg in the above mentioned files, run the following command to generate the hex array header files
gmake -s -C tools/sysfw/boardcfg
  • Once these header files are generated, rebuild the libraries by doing
gmake -s libs
  • After this, make sure to rebuild the secondary bootloader (SBL) applications. You can do this by
gmake -s libs
  • If you're not using any of the SBLs (SBL UART, SBL OSPI, SBL NULL) and is following the CCS boot method (SOC Initialization Using CCS Scripting), make sure to build the sciclient_set_boardcfg application by doing
gmake -s -C examples/drivers/sciclient/sciclient_set_boardcfg/@VAR_SOC_NAME/r5fss0-0_nortos/ti-arm-clang
This step is only needed if you are using the CCS boot method
  • Once the build is completed, copy the .out file generated and replace with the one already present in ${SDK_INSTALL_PATH}/tools/ccs_load/am64x_am243x/ folder.