AM62x MCU+ SDK  08.04.00
Getting Started

It is strongly recommended to begin development by following the steps in the order listed below.
The steps in this user guide show screen shots and descriptions based on Windows. However the steps in Linux would remain the same, unless mentioned otherwise.
${SDK_INSTALL_PATH} refers to the path where the SDK is installed. Recommend to install in C:/ti in Windows, and ${HOME}/ti in Linux. To install to other locations, refer Installing SDK at non-default location
{some text} refers to a variable string that should be replaced by user and {some text} should not be typed verbatim on the command prompt.
In Windows, use the cmd.exe as command prompt and in Linux, use the bash shell as the command prompt.


Getting Started Goals

On successful completion of below steps, you would have achieved the following

  • All tools needed for development are installed
  • EVM setup needed for development is verified
  • CCS IDE setup needed for development is verified
  • One SDK example has been built using makefile as well as CCS project
  • One SDK example has been loaded and run on the EVM
  • Output console logs on CCS and UART are working as expected
  • One SDK example has been flashed to the EVM flash and the application booted from the flash without CCS.

Getting Started Steps

Next Steps

Now you can explore the SDK by running more examples (see Examples and Demos) and browsing through various developer notes (see Developer Guides), to understand the SDK better and develop your own applications with the SDK.