AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00

Features Supported

  • APIs to create and destroy Queues
  • APIs to Put element in Queue
  • APIs to Get element from Queue
  • APIs to Check if Queue is Empty

Features NOT Supported


Important Usage Guidelines

  • For creating the Queue application needs to provide the QueueP_Object and it should not be modified by the applicaion.
  • A field of type QueueP_Elem should be placed at the head of client structs passed as Queue Elements to function QueueP_put.
  • It is recommended not to place the QueueP Object and QueueP Element objects in stack as they will be accessed by the driver till they are released.

Example Usage

Include the below file to access the APIs,

Example usage define Queue Object and Elements

/* Define a client structure for the queue elements.
The object of type QueueP_Elem should be placed at the head of the structure. */
typedef struct Test_Queue_Elem_s
uint32_t index;
} Test_Queue_Elem;
Test_Queue_Elem elem1, elem2;

Example to Create and use the Queue

QueueP_Handle handle;
Test_Queue_Elem *pElem;
/* Create the Queue. */
handle = QueueP_create(&qObj);
/* Put elements in a Queue. */
QueueP_put(handle, (QueueP_Elem *)&elem1);
QueueP_put(handle, (QueueP_Elem *)&elem2);
/* Get elements from the queue. */
pElem = (Test_Queue_Elem *)QueueP_get(handle);
pElem = (Test_Queue_Elem *)QueueP_get(handle);
/* Typically pElem would be processed by application.
* In sample typecast to void to kill warning
* regarding variable set but not used
(void) pElem;


APIs for Queue

Opaque QueueP element.
Definition: QueueP.h:77
uint16_t index
Definition: tisci_rm_proxy.h:3
QueueP_Handle QueueP_create(QueueP_Object *obj)
Function to create a queue.
int32_t QueueP_put(QueueP_Handle handle, void *elem)
Function to Put an element at end of queue.
Opaque task object used with the task APIs.
Definition: QueueP.h:92
int32_t QueueP_delete(QueueP_Handle handle)
Function to delete a queue.
void * QueueP_Handle
Opaque client reference to an instance of a QueueP.
Definition: QueueP.h:68
void * QueueP_get(QueueP_Handle handle)
Function to Get the element at the front of the queue. This function removes an element from the fron...