AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
HW Interrupts

See also FreeRTOS, NO RTOS for list of CPU specific supported and unsupported features.

Features Supported

  • Register a interrupt callback to a specific CPU number
  • Ability to pass user specific argument to the interrupt callback
  • Enable, disable, restore and clear specific CPU interrupts
  • Enable, disable, restore global CPU interrupt
  • For ARM R5,
    • Ability to specify interrupt as FIQ or IRQ, level or pulse
    • Ability to specify interrupt priority

Features NOT Supported

See also FreeRTOS, NO RTOS for list of unsupported features.

Important Usage Guidelines

  • For ARM R5,
    • TI VIM is the interrupt controller that is supported.
    • HwiP_disable, HwiP_restore, HwiP_enable only affect state of IRQ. FIQ state is not changed
    • Refer ARMv7-R Architecture reference manual and SOC TRM for more details.
  • On AM62AX,
    CPU type Valid interrupt numbers Valid interrupt priorities
    R5F 0 .. 511 0 (highest) .. 15 (lowest)
  • On C75,
    • The C75 CPU supports 64 interrupts.
    • The CLEC event ID can be mapped to any of C75 interrupts.
    • If you are configuring software interrupt, then set eventId to HWIP_INVALID_EVENT_ID.
    • While mapping CLEC event ID to interrupt number, refer the below table and avoid overlapping interrupts.
      Module Interrupt number used
      TIMER 8 .. 15
      I2C 16 .. 20
      UART 22 .. 30
      UDMA 32 .. 48
      MCASP 53 .. 58
      IPC 59 .. 62

Example Usage

Include the below file to access the APIs,

#include <stdio.h>

Example ISR,

void myISR(void *args)
/* my ISR */

Example to register a ISR for CPU interrupt 10,

HwiP_Params hwiParams;
HwiP_Object hwiObj;
/* for R5F, interrupt #10 at VIM */
hwiParams.intNum = 10;
/* for M4F, external interrupt #10 at NVIC is
16 internal interrupts + external interrupt number at NVIC
i.e hwiParams.intNum = 16 + 10;
/* for C75, CLEC event ID can be mapped to any of the internal interrupt number
set both event ID and interrupt number
to configure harware clec event #10
hwiParams.eventId = 10;
hwiParams.intNum = 31;
to configure software interrupt #31
hwiParams.eventId = HWIP_INVALID_EVENT_ID;
hwiParams.intNum = 31;
hwiParams.callback = myISR;
hwiParams.args = NULL;
HwiP_construct(&hwiObj, &hwiParams);

Example to disable and restore interrupts across a crtical section

uintptr_t oldIntState;
oldIntState = HwiP_disable();
/* critical section */


APIs for HW Interrupts

Parameters passed during HwiP_construct.
Definition: HwiP.h:74
int32_t HwiP_construct(HwiP_Object *obj, HwiP_Params *params)
Create a Hwi object.
void HwiP_Params_init(HwiP_Params *params)
Set default values to HwiP_Params.
HwiP_FxnCallback callback
Definition: HwiP.h:77
Opaque Hwi object used with the Hwi APIs.
Definition: HwiP.h:93
void * args
Definition: HwiP.h:78
uintptr_t HwiP_disable(void)
Disable all interrupts.
void HwiP_restore(uintptr_t oldIntState)
Restores all interrupts to a given state.
uint32_t intNum
Definition: HwiP.h:76