AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00

Features Supported

  • APIs to log strings to the selected console
  • APIs to assert if a expression evaluates to 0
    • Before asserting, it will log the file and line number to console
  • Ability to disable assert's and logging via a pre-processor define
  • The following console options are supported
    • Log to CCS IDE console via JTAG
    • Log to UART terminal
  • SysCfg support for below,
    • SysCfg can be used to select the log console
    • When UART log is selected, SysCfg allows to select the UART instance and its properties (baud rate etc) to use.
    • SysCfg option to enable shared memory reader task
  • APIs to read line as string and/or format input in scanf style from UART console.

Features NOT Supported

  • Log APIs should not be called from ISR context. When called in ISR the APIs have no effect.

Important Usage Guidelines

UART logging

  • Make sure the selected UART driver is opened for the logs to be output to UART.
    • When enabled via SysCfg, calling the function Drivers_open opens and initializes the UART for logging.

Other guidelines

  • Log and assert APIs should not be called from ISR context.
  • The assert and logging APIs are task or thread safe, i.e they can be called from multiple tasks without the output getting mixed.
  • The cores on which CCS or UART console logging is enabled can use either NORTOS or FreeRTOS.

Example Usage

Include the below file to access the APIs,

#include <stdio.h>

Example usage for assert,

void *addr = NULL;
/* This will assert when addr is NULL */

Example usage for logs,

uint32_t value = 10;
char *str = "Hello, world !!!";
/* use snprintf to format the string and then call the logging function */
DebugP_log("This is %s and value = %d",

Example usage for scanf,

uint32_t value32;
DebugP_log("Enter a 32b number\r\n");
value32 = 0;
DebugP_scanf("%d", &value32);
DebugP_log("32b value = %d\r\n", value32);


APIs for Debug log's and assert's

uint64_t addr
Definition: csl_udmap_tr.h:3
char str[32]
Definition: tisci_core.h:1
#define DebugP_log(format,...)
Function to log a string to the enabled console.
Definition: DebugP.h:227
int32_t DebugP_scanf(char *format,...)
Read a formatted string from the selected UART driver.
uint32_t value
Definition: tisci_otp_revision.h:2
#define DebugP_assert(expression)
Function to call for assert check.
Definition: DebugP.h:175