AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
Extended OTP Test


This example demonstrates how can one write to the extended OTP eFuses of the device. This is a special example, and is booted by ROM. Because of this it is to be treated like a bootloader application.

The example tries to write the USB VID/PID onto the OTP rows. It also dumps the OTP MMR rows. It makes use of Sciclient API calls to do this, there are wrapper functions provided in the examples for these.

Supported Combinations

Parameter Value
CPU + OS r5fss0-0 nortos
Toolchain ti-arm-clang
Board am62ax-sk
Example folder examples/otp/ext_otp/

Steps to Run the Example

  • When using CCS projects to build, import the CCS project for the required combination and build it using the CCS project menu (see Using SDK with CCS Projects).
  • When using makefiles to build, note the required combination and build using make command (see Using SDK with Makefiles)
  • Set bootmode to UART and flash the binary using the following command from {SDK_INSTALLTION_PATH}/tools/boot
        python -p /dev/ttyUSB0 --cfg=../../examples/otp/ext_otp/am62ax-sk/r5fss0-0_nortos/default_ext_otp_hs_fs.cfg
  • Use default_ext_otp_hs_fs.cfg for HS-FS device, default_ext_otp_hs.cfg for HS-SE device
  • Power OFF and change the boot mode to OSPI NAND
  • Logs should appear at the WKUP_UART0

Sample Output

Shown below is a sample output when the application is run.

UART Console:

Starting EXT OTP writer
Enabled VPP
Success programming VID/PID
OTP MMR 0: 0x4
OTP MMR 1: 0x0
OTP MMR 2: 0x0
OTP MMR 3: 0x0
OTP MMR 4: 0x0
OTP MMR 5: 0x0
OTP MMR 6: 0x0
OTP MMR 7: 0x0
OTP MMR 8: 0x0
OTP MMR 9: 0x0
OTP MMR 10: 0x0
OTP MMR 11: 0x0
OTP MMR 12: 0x0
OTP MMR 13: 0x0
OTP MMR 14: 0x0
OTP MMR 15: 0x0
OTP MMR 16: 0x0
OTP MMR 17: 0x0
OTP MMR 18: 0x0
OTP MMR 19: 0x0
OTP MMR 20: 0x0
OTP MMR 21: 0x0
OTP MMR 22: 0x0
OTP MMR 23: 0x0
OTP MMR 24: 0x0
OTP MMR 25: 0x0
OTP MMR 26: 0x0
OTP MMR 27: 0x0
OTP MMR 28: 0x0
OTP MMR 29: 0x0
OTP MMR 30: 0x45a0e047
OTP MMR 31: 0xebc80021
USB VID: 0x45a0
USB PID: 0xe047
All tests have passed!!