AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
UART Echo Low Latency Polling


This example demonstrate the UART low latency API in polling mode. This example receives 8 characters and echos back the same. The application ends when the user types 8 characters. Initially the application sets a buffer to receive data.

In the main context, the application checks any data from the UART FIFO and if so, write to the RX buffer and sets the RX buffer count. Application then copies the data to TX buffer and initiate the UART TX (echo).

To modify the example to use main domain UART, refer Accessing main and wakeup domain peripherals from MCU domain

Supported Combinations

Parameter Value
CPU + OS mcu-r5fss0-0 nortos
a53ss0-0 nortos
Toolchain ti-arm-clang
Board am62ax-sk
Example folder examples/drivers/uart/uart_echo_low_latency_polling

Steps to Run the Example

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Sample Output

Shown below is a sample output when the application is run, Please note that application prints in both CCS and UART console. In UART console you need to type 8 characters.

CCS Console:

[UART] Echo Low Latency polling mode example started ...
All tests have passed!!

UART Console:

This is uart low latency test in polling mode, Receives 8 characters then echo's back and exits..
All tests have passed!!