AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00

The SOC driver provides API to configure SOC specific features like clocks.

Features Supported

  • API to enable/disable a module clock
  • API to set clock frequency for module
  • Generic utility API like get CPU clock, get core name string, control module MMR lock/unlock API

SysConfig Features

  • SOC driver is integrated with each of the drivers. User need not perform any explicit configuration for this driver

Features NOT Supported


Important Usage Guidelines

  • Most of these APIs are already integrated with SysConfig tool and the generated code does the required call to enable a module, set the required clock and so on. User need to use these APIs in their application only for exceptional scenarios.

Example Usage

Include the below file to access the APIs

#include <drivers/soc.h>

Get Core Name String

const char *coreName;
DebugP_log("Core name is: %s\r\n", coreName);

Get CPU Clock Frequency

uint64_t cpuClockRate;
cpuClockRate = SOC_getSelfCpuClk();
DebugP_log("CPU Clock Frequency: %u\r\n", cpuClockRate);


APIs for SOC Specific Functions

#define CSL_CORE_ID_R5FSS0_0
Definition: cslr_soc_defines.h:72
#define DebugP_log(format,...)
Function to log a string to the enabled console.
Definition: DebugP.h:227
uint64_t SOC_getSelfCpuClk(void)
Get the clock frequency in Hz of the CPU on which the driver is running.
const char * SOC_getCoreName(uint16_t coreId)
Convert a core ID to a user readable name.