AM263x MCU+ SDK  08.03.01
Release Notes 08.03.01

Also refer to individual module pages for more details on each feature, unsupported features, important usage guidelines.
The examples will show usage of SW modules and APIs on a specific CPU instance and OS combination.
Unless explicitly noted otherwise, the SW modules would work in both FreeRTOS and no-RTOS environment.
Unless explicitly noted otherwise, the SW modules would work on any of the R5F's present on the SOC.

New in this Release

Feature Module
AM263x LaunchPad E2 rev support board/EVM support
LIN driver and example support drivers
EPWM: PWM protection and letency example using PRU drivers
UART DMA mode – driver, Sysconfig support and example: uart_echo_dma drivers
MCSPI DMA mode – driver, Sysconfig support and example: mcspi_loopback_dma drivers
RTI timer driver and example: rti_led_blink drivers
SOC driver APIs for Address translation, R5 set frequency, warm reset… drivers
MCAN driver features (Corrupt Message Transmission Prevention, Error Passive state, Bus Off State, Bus Monitoring Mode) drivers
Boot time profiling support drivers
QSPI SFDP support drivers
hsmclient driver for TIFS-MCU support drivers
secure IPC notify driver for TIFS-MCU support drivers
Cortex-M4 DPL for TIFS-MCU support drivers
EPWM Type5 features - driver, Sysconfig support and example drivers
EPWM: Sysconfig support for HRPWM drivers
FSI DMA driver support and example: fsi_loopback_dma, FSI TX delay line API drivers
ADC Differential Mode example, ADC burst mode oversampling example, ADC Odd Channel Selection drivers
Ramp wave and random voltage examples for DAC peripheral drivers
32 Task Priority Levels for FreeRTOS Tasks DPL, FreeRTOS
CpuId and Queue implementation DPL
CPSW Enhaced Scheduled Traffic (EST) support networking
Enet - CPDMA multiple channel support, example networking
ENET sysconfig support networking
C++ build support and example: hello_world_cpp build
Real time serial monitor tools

Device and Validation Information

SOC Supported CPUs EVM Host PC
AM263x R5F AM263x ControlCard Revision E1 (referred to as am263x-cc in code).
Windows 10 64b or Ubuntu 18.04 64b
AM263x R5F AM263x LaunchPad Revision E2 (referred to as am263x-lp in code) Windows 10 64b or Ubuntu 18.04 64b

Refer here for information about using this release with E2 revision of ControlCard

Dependent Tools and Compiler Information

Tools Supported CPUs Version
Code Composer Studio R5F 11.2.0
SysConfig R5F 1.12.1, build 2406
FreeRTOS Kernel R5F 10.4.3
LwIP R5F 2.12.2

Key Features

Experimental Features

Features listed below are early versions and should be considered as "experimental".
Users can evaluate the feature, however the feature is not fully tested at TI side.
TI would not support these feature on public e2e.
Experimental features will be enabled with limited examples and SW modules.
Feature Module
GUI for UART Uniflash Tool Bootloader

OS Kernel

OS Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
FreeRTOS Kernel R5F NA Task, Task notification, interrupts, semaphores, mutexs, timers Task load measurement using FreeRTOS run time statistics APIs. Limited support for ROV features.
FreeRTOS POSIX R5F NA pthread, mqueue, semaphore, clock -
NO RTOS R5F NA See Driver Porting Layer (DPL) below -

Driver Porting Layer (DPL)

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
Cache R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Cache write back, invalidate, enable/disable -
Clock R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Tick timer at user specified resolution, timeouts and delays -
CpuId R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Verify Core ID and Cluster ID that application is currently running on -
CycleCounter R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Measure CPU cycles using CPU specific internal counters -
Debug R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Logging and assert to any combo of: UART, CCS, shared memory -
Heap R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Create arbitrary heaps in user defined memory segments -
Hwi R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Interrupt register, enable/disable/restore, Interrupt prioritization -
MPU R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Setup MPU and control access to address space -
Semaphore R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Binary, Counting Semaphore, recursive mutexs with timeout -
Task R5F NA FreeRTOS Create, delete tasks -
Timer R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Configure arbitrary timers -

Secondary Bootloader (SBL)

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
Bootloader R5FSS0-0 YES NORTOS Boot modes: QSPI, UART. All R5F's. RPRC, multi-core image format Force Dual Core Mode, Disable Dual Core Switch and R5SS1 only not tested

SOC Device Drivers

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support DMA Supported Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
ADC R5F YES Yes. Example: adc_soc_continuous_dma Single software triggered conversion, Multiple ADC trigger using PWM, Result read using DMA, EPWM trip through PPB limit, burst mode oversampling, differential mode -
Bootloader R5F YES Yes. DMA enabled for SBL QSPI Boot modes: QSPI, UART. All R5F's -
CMPSS R5F YES NA Asynchronous PWM trip -
CPSW R5F YES No MAC loopback, PHY loopback, LWIP: Getting IP, Ping, Iperf, Layer 2 MAC, Layer 2 PTP Timestamping and CPSW Switch support -
DAC R5F YES Yes. Example: dac_sine_dma Constant voltage, Square wave generation, Sine wave generation with and without DMA, Ramp wave generation, Random Voltage generation -
ECAP R5F YES No ECAP APWM mode, PWM capture -
EDMA R5F YES NA DMA transfer using interrupt and polling mode, QDMA Transfer, Channel Chaining, PaRAM Linking -
EPWM R5F YES Yes. Example: epwm_dma PWM outputs A and B in up-down count mode, Trip zone, Update PWM using EDMA, Valley switching, High resolution time period adjustment, type5 feature -
EQEP R5F YES NA Speed and Position measurement. Frequency Measurement not tested
FSI R5F YES Yes. Example: fsi_loopback_dma RX, TX, polling, interrupt mode, Dma, single lane loopback. - FSI Spi Mode
GPIO R5F YES NA Output, Input and Interrupt functionality -
I2C R5F YES No Master mode, basic read/write -
IPC Notify R5F YES NA Mailbox functionality, IPC between RTOS/NORTOS CPUs M4F core
IPC Rpmsg R5F YES NA RPMessage protocol based IPC M4F core
MCAN R5F YES No RX, TX, interrupt and polling mode, Corrupt Message Transmission Prevention, Error Passive state, Bus Off State, Bus Monitoring Mode -
MCSPI R5F YES Yes. Example: mcspi_loopback_dma Master/Slave mode, basic read/write, polling, interrupt and DMA mode -
MDIO R5F YES NA Register read/write, link status and link interrupt enable API -
MPU Firewall R5F YES NA Only compiled (Works only on HS-SE device) -
PINMUX R5F YES NA Tested with multiple peripheral pinmuxes -
PRUICSS R5F YES NA Tested with Ethercat FW HAL -
QSPI R5F YES Yes. Example: qspi_flash_dma_transfer Read direct, Write indirect, Read/Write commands, DMA for read -
RTI R5F YES No Counter read, timebase selction, comparator setup for Interrupt, DMA requests Capture feature, fast enabling/disabling of events not tested
SDFM R5F YES No Filter data read from CPU, Filter data read with PWM sync -
SOC R5F YES NA Lock/unlock MMRs, clock enable, set Hz, Xbar configuration, SW Warm Reset, Address Translation -
SPINLOCK R5F NA NA Lock, unlock HW spinlocks -
UART R5F YES Yes. Example: uart_echo_dma Basic read/write at baud rate 115200, polling, interrupt mode HW flow control not tested, DMA mode not supported
WATCHDOG R5F YES NA Reset mode Interrupt mode

Board Device Drivers

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested
EEPROM R5F YES Only compiled -
ETHPHY R5F YES Tested with ethercat_slave_beckhoff_ssc_demo example -


Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
- - - - - -

Industrial Communications Toolkit

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
EtherCAT Slave FWHAL R5F NO FreeRTOS Tested with ethercat_slave_beckhoff_ssc_demo example Reset isolation

Motor Control

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
- - - - - -


Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
LwIP R5F YES FreeRTOS TCP/UDP IP networking stack, DHCP, ping, TCP iperf, TCP/UDP IP Other LwIP features, performance and memory optimizations pending, more robustness tests pending
Ethernet driver (ENET) R5F YES FreeRTOS Ethernet as port using CPSW and ICSS,Layer 2 MAC, Layer 2 PTP Timestamping, CPSW Switch, CPSW EST -
ICSS-EMAC R5F YES FreeRTOS Only compiled Not tested


Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
- - - - - -

Fixed Issues

ID Head Line Module Applicable Releases Applicable Devices Resolution/Comments
MCUSDK-2254 [SBL] SBL QSPI bootmode is not working with DMA enabled SBL 08_02_01 AM263x Fixed. EDMA Parameters were configured incorrectly.
MCUSDK-2703 Interrupt XBAR instance for FSI is static FSI 08_00_03 AM263x Fixed. Enabled Dynamic FSI interrupt config. Updated AM263 FSI SysCfg to dynamically configure Interrupt XBAR's
MCUSDK-3336 FSI is not functional with clock divider value more than 8 FSI 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed
MCUSDK-3398 Address translation for R5FSS1 is missing SBL 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed
MCUSDK-3408 sbl_uart_uniflash incorrect data writing to flash SBL 08_02_01 AM263x xModem uses a 1k buffer for the reception of data, and it pads the received data with zeros to make it align with 1 KB. We were using the filesize returned by the xmodem receive API to determine how many bytes to flash. This was causing the extra bytes to get flashed. Added a parameter actual file size in the uniflash header. This parameter will be used to determine how many bytes to flash
MCUSDK-3436 QSPI flashing fails with uniflash QSPI 08_02_01 AM263x The internal pull up's in flash are weak. Enabled pull up's on D2 and D3 pins.
MCUSDK-3440 [Errata] USART: Spurious DMA Interrupts UART 08_02_01 AM263x Workaround: Use power of 2 values for TX/RX FIFO trigger levels (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32). Resolution: UART FIFO trigger level is set to 1 always which is a power of 2. Please find the attached email for more details.
MCUSDK-3618 AM263x: ePWM_setPhaseShift() API function doesn't correctly configure TBPHS EPWM 08_02_00 AM263x EPWM_setPhaseShift() uses 16-bit read/write, but TBPHS is a 32-bit register. Hence EPWM_setPhaseShift() doesn't take effect. Problem is resolved in 32-bit read/write is used instead of 16-bit read/write.
MCUSDK-3712 [FSI]Maximum value of external inputs for triggering frame transmission is limited to 32 FSI 08_02_01 AM263x Updated FSI_TX_MAX_NUM_EXT_TRIGGERS to correct value i.e. 64
MCUSDK-3747 Comments in R5F linker command file templates contradict SDK docs Common 08_02_01 AM263x Updated the comment and documentation to reflect the correct Interrupt nesting support
MCUSDK-3773 Enet LWIP example fails with SBL on AM263X-LP SBL, LWIP 08_02_01 AM263x Increased the memory region for updated Descriptor memory
MCUSDK-3774 Multi Core application with SBL QSPI DMA enabled is failing on AM263X-LP EDMA, IPC_Notify, SBL 08_02_01 AM263x For R5SS0-1 core, 0x8000 is the address where reset vectors needs to be copied. But in SBL QSPI with DMA enabled, actual physical address need to be passed while copying reset vectors via EDMA. During SBL execution R5SS0-0 core runs in Lockstep mode so Virtual to Physical Address calculation need to use LockStep TCM Size i.e. 64KB but only 32KB(R5SS0-0) is used.Updated this API.
MCUSDK-3804 SDFM: API doc/comments: Valid value macros have unexpected CSL_ prefix SDFM 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Removed unwanted CSL_ prefix used in the documentation/comments for SDFM macros
MCUSDK-3823 Wrong boot mode documentation for LP Docs 08_02_01 AM263x Boot mode switch setting not consistent in LP and CC. Fixed BOOT MODE documentation in Getting Started -> EVM Setup page.
MCUSDK-3847 am263x: cpsw: Ethernet cable disconnect not working CPSW 08_02_01 AM263x

Rootcase: CPSW driver disables PHY state machine ticks once link is up. The driver relies on MDIO link monitoring to detect when cable is disconnected and reenables the PHY state machine in order to be able to detect new link partners.

While MDIO link monitor was enabled at MDIO level, the MDIO event still needed to be enabled in CPSW wrapper but it was not. This caused that cable disconnect/connect events were not detected.

Fix: Added MDIO events to CPSW wrapper event mask.

MCUSDK-3854 docs - Elaborate why mailbox init needs to be done by SBL/GEL MAILBOX 08_02_01 AM263x Updated the documentation/comment
MCUSDK-3864 DAC: Incorrect reference voltage selection macros DAC 08_02_01 AM263x Fixed. enum DAC_ReferenceVoltage is now corrected with "DAC_REF_VREF and DAC_REF_VDDA" from "DAC_REF_VDAC and DAC_REF_ADC_VREFHI"
MCUSDK-3879 DPL : Inconsistent MPU config for shared memory across SOC's DPL 08_02_01 AM263x Accidentally used Strong Ordered attribute instead of Non Cached attribute for shared memory. Updated all example.syscfg files.
MCUSDK-3888 The attribute structure generated is not proper when the channel numbers 0 to 15 are not allocated and channels between 16 to 31 are allocated from gui. EDMA 08_02_01 AM263x Fixed
MCUSDK-3896 [RCM]MSS_RCM.R5SSx_POR_RST_CTRL0 source is missing from the R5FSS internal reset list SOC RCM 08_02_01 AM263x Added missing reset cause SOC_RcmResetCause_POR_RST_CTRL0
MCUSDK-3909 Enet - examples sysconfig has Enet config missing ENET 08_02_01 AM263x Networking component missing from product.json Added networking as component in product.json
MCUSDK-3930 DAC Sysconfig: Incorrect argument passed to DAC_setPWMSyncSignal results in ASSERT DAC 08_02_01 AM263x Fixed. Sysconfig scripts fixed to pass correct argument (1-32 for EPWM0-EPWM31) as per the DAC_setPWMSyncSignal requirement
MCUSDK-3932 docs - fix e2e support forum link in SDK user guide docs 08_02_01 AM263x Updated the link in doc
MCUSDK-3939 networking: layer2_multichannel example only transmits 16 packets networking 08_02_01 AM263x tx queue for PTP traffic was not handled properly
MCUSDK-3947 [MCAN]MCAN message acceptance filter masking is incorrect MCAN 08_00_00 AM263x Fixed
MCUSDK-3949 DAC Driver abort on 8.2 SDK DAC 08_02_01 AM263x The Reset APIs were writing 0x7 to the respective control registers. but not 0x0 back.
MCUSDK-4015 AM263x: FSI functional clock not properly selected FSI 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed
MCUSDK-4026 SDFM: SDFM_configCompEventHighFilter writing to incorrect registers SDFM 08_02_01 AM263x Fixed SDFM_SDFIL_OFFSET -> SDFM_DIGFIL_OFFSET in SDFM_configCompEventLowFilter and SDFM_configCompEventHighFilter
MCUSDK-4047 Crossbar: Incorrect DMA XBAR macros for FSI triggers XBAR 08_02_01 AM263x Updated the DMA XBAR Macros with correct names and values.
MCUSDK-4056 am263x: enet: CPSW EST timestamp checks are incorrect after EST disable ENET 08_02_01 AM263x

The CPSW EST example application performs a check on the EST timestamps generated for transmitted packets by testing whether or not the packet was transmitted in the correct EST window.

For this mechanism to work, it's critical to have an accurate ESTF start time. This can be ensured by starting ESTF at a future time, which the application enforces by setting the first admin base time to be currentTime + ENET_APP_EST_ADMIN_LIST_DELAY (100 msecs).

After this initial EST schedule is cleared (i.e. explicitly cleared by user via app menu or when link is lost), it's no longer possible for the application to ensure that an admin base time at future time will be configured. The user can program a new EST schedule and re-enable EST via two different app menu options, but starting ESTF at a future time cannot be effectively enforced anymore as it would depend on timing of user interaction.

So, the timestamp verification mechanism will be disabled after the initial EST schedule is cleared.

Resolution: Disable EST timestamp check if user enters a new EST schedule via app menu.

MCUSDK-4070 SOC driver: ICSS GPI MUX selection API SOC 08_02_01 AM263x Added SOC API for ICSS GPI MUX selection
MCUSDK-4071 ICSS CSL - remove unsupported features (PWM) ICSS 08_02_01 AM263x Updated CSLR file with PWM macros removed
MCUSDK-4072 SDFM: Incorrect naming used for input macros to SDFM_enableInterrupt API SDFM 08_02_01 AM263x Values that can be passed to SDFM_enableInterrupt and SDFM_disableInterrupt SDFM_LOW_LEVEL_THRESHOLD_INTERRUPT changed to SDFM_CEVT2_INTERRUPT SDFM_HIGH_LEVEL_THRESHOLD_INTERRUPT changed to SDFM_CEVT1_INTERRUPT
MCUSDK-4112 ECAP: ECAP_setSyncInPulseSource has incorrect parameter documentation ECAP 08_02_01 AM263x Fixed supported values of source (type ECAP_SyncInPulseSource) argument to ECAP_setSyncInPulseSource
MCUSDK-4113 ECAP: Remove V2 from AM263x MCUSDK package ECAP 08_02_01 AM263x Excluded ECAP v2 from package
MCUSDK-4334 EPWM Trip preprocessor define not included in SDK EPWM 08_02_01 AM263x Incorrect description in TRM/register spec. Assumed compatible with C2000 and missed a macro in EPWM driver for TripInput 13 selection Added missing macro in EPWM driver for TripInput 13 selection
MCUSDK-4339 [pre-release testing] UDP test failure in LWIP example networking 08_02_01 AM263x UDP lite mode was enabled so udp ifperf was not working properly Disabled UDP lite mode
MCUSDK-4190 A fixed MAC address is hard-coded for CPDMA devices, this will cause issue when two boards are connected in the same network ENET 08_03_00 AM263x Reading MAC address from EFuse and Eeprom instead of fixed hardcoded MAC Address.

Known Issues

ID Head Line Module Reported in release Workaround
MCUSDK-1016 Semaphore does not function as expected when "post" call is present in multiple ISRs at different priorities DPL, FreeRTOS 08_00_03 Disable interrupt nesting
MCUSDK-2294 GPIO Pin Direction GPIO. GPIO Pin Direction not getting automatically configured. 08_00_02 Use GPIO_setDirMode to set pin direction for GPIO pin.
MCUSDK-2464 ADC sysconfig code generation issue ADC 08_00_03 -
MCUSDK-2557 eqep_frequency_measurement example is failing SBL 08_02_00 -
MCUSDK-3869 AM263x - LwIP ICMP tests fails Enet, LWIP 08_02_00 -
MCUSDK-3886 MDIO - Phy link issue for MAC PORT 1 on am263x-lp Enet, LWIP 08_02_00 Issue summary: CPSW and ICSSG test cases fail to transfer packets due to PHY getting stuck.
Impacted boards : AM263x_LP E1 and AM263x_LP E2. Both PORT 1 and PORT 2.
Reproducibility: 100% reproducible on ICSS unit test. CPSW example tests shown failures only in long run tests (8+ hrs).
Root cause: MDIO IO and CLK lines had overshoot/undershoot that is more than the allowed margin, resulted in PHY getting hung.
Fix: Replace the MDIO IO and CLK lines termination resistors (R71, R72, R61, R62) of 0 Ohm with 33 Ohm resistor.
MCUSDK-4050 Long delay before and after the MCSPI data transfer MCSPI 08_02_00 None
MCUSDK-4059 AM263x: FSI first frame transmitted is incorrect in DMA mode FSI 08_03_00 Please refer fsi_loopback_dma example.
MCUSDK-4234 FSI RX Generic Trigger Test is not working FSI 08_03_00 -
MCUSDK-4345 EDMA: Region interrupt not triggered if Channel Id and TCC are not equal EDMA 08_02_00 -
MCUSDK-4437 [AM263x] : Changing the order of Bootloader_loadCpu in SBL can lead to incorrect behaviour SBL 08_02_00 -
MCUSDK-4506 DPL: interrupt_prioritization example for FreeRTOS fails DPL 08_03_00 None. Interrupt nesting for FreeRTOS is disabled to fix UDP test failure in LWIP example
SITARAAPPS-2040 Dual Core configuration issue with CSP 1.1.3 (Sitara MCU Device Support) on AM263x CSP Gel Scripts 08_02_01 Edit gel file as mentioned in Prerequisites while running multi core applications.


ID Head Line Module Reported in release Workaround
- - - - -

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

Not Applicable

SOC Device Drivers

Module Affected API Change Additional Remarks
SDFM SDFM_enableInterrupt and SDFM_disableInterrupt Values that can be passed to SDFM_enableInterrupt and SDFM_disableInterrupt: SDFM_LOW_LEVEL_THRESHOLD_INTERRUPT changed to SDFM_CEVT2_INTERRUPT, SDFM_HIGH_LEVEL_THRESHOLD_INTERRUPT changed to SDFM_CEVT1_INTERRUPT -
ADC ADC_setupSOC Values that can be passed to ADC_setupSOC: addition of ADC_CH_ADCIN1_ADCIN0, ADC_CH_ADCIN3_ADCIN2, ADC_CH_ADCIN5_ADCIN4 macros -
DAC DAC_setReferenceVoltage The enum DAC_ReferenceVoltage is now corrected with "DAC_REF_VREF and DAC_REF_VDDA" from "DAC_REF_VDAC and DAC_REF_ADC_VREFHI" -
ECAP ECAP_setSyncInPulseSource Supported values of source (type ECAP_SyncInPulseSource) argument to ECAP_setSyncInPulseSource are ECAP_SYNC_IN_PULSE_SRC_SYNCOUT_EPWM0-31 -
Bootloader Bootloader_socLoadHsmRtFw API addition -
Bootloader SOC_rcmSetR5Clock, SOC_rcmGetR5Clock & SOC_rcmsetR5SysClock Added additional parameter cpuId to set R5F clock based on R5F Cluster 0 and 1.