AM263x MCU+ SDK  08.02.01
I2C Led Blink


This example demonstrates setting of multiple LED at the same time connected to the same I2C controller. The application will blink all the I2C controlled LED in the EVM.

Application exits after 10 iterations..

Supported Combinations

Parameter Value
CPU + OS r5fss0-0 freertos
r5fss0-0 nortos
Toolchain ti-arm-clang
Boards am263x-cc, am263x-lp
Example folder examples/drivers/i2c/i2c_led_blink


  • Watch out for LEDs LD2, LD3, LD4, LD5, LD6, LD7, LD8, LD9, LD10, LD11 on the CC to blink which is controlled by I2C2.


  • Watch out for LED D7, D8, D9, D10, D11, D12, D13, D14 on the LP to blink which is controlled by I2C1.

Steps to Run the Example

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Sample Output

Shown below is a sample output when the application is run,

I2C LED Blink Test Started ...
LED will Blink for 10 loop ...
I2C LED Blink Test Passed!!
All tests have passed!!