AM263x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00
Release Notes 08.02.00

Also refer to individual module pages for more details on each feature, unsupported features, important usage guidelines.
The examples will show usage of SW modules and APIs on a specific CPU instance and OS combination.
Unless explicitly noted otherwise, the SW modules would work in both FreeRTOS and no-RTOS environment.
Unless explicitly noted otherwise, the SW modules would work on any of the R5F's present on the SOC.

New in this Release

Feature Module
SBL JTAG Uniflash Example supported SBL

Device and Validation Information

SOC Supported CPUs EVM Host PC
AM263x R5F AM263x ControlCard (referred to as am263x-cc in code) Windows 10 64b or Ubuntu 18.04 64b

Dependent Tools and Compiler Information

Tools Supported CPUs Version
Code Composer Studio R5F 11.1.0
SysConfig R5F 1.11.0, build 2225
FreeRTOS Kernel R5F 10.4.3
LwIP R5F 2.12.2

Key Features

OS Kernel

OS Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
FreeRTOS Kernel R5F NA Task, Task notification, interrupts, semaphores, mutexs, timers Task load measurement using FreeRTOS run time statistics APIs. Limited support for ROV features.
FreeRTOS POSIX R5F NA pthread, mqueue, semaphore, clock -
NO RTOS R5F NA See Driver Porting Layer (DPL) below -

Driver Porting Layer (DPL)

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
Cache R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Cache write back, invalidate, enable/disable -
Clock R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Tick timer at user specified resolution, timeouts and delays -
CycleCounter R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Measure CPU cycles using CPU specific internal counters -
Debug R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Logging and assert to any combo of: UART, CCS, shared memory -
Heap R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Create arbitrary heaps in user defined memory segments -
Hwi R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Interrupt register, enable/disable/restore, Interrupt prioritization -
MPU R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Setup MPU and control access to address space -
Semaphore R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Binary, Counting Semaphore, recursive mutexs with timeout -
Task R5F NA FreeRTOS Create, delete tasks -
Timer R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Configure arbitrary timers -

Secondary Bootloader (SBL)

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
Bootloader R5FSS0-0 YES NORTOS Boot modes: QSPI, UART. All R5F's. RPRC, multi-core image format Force Dual Core Mode, Disable Dual Core Switch and R5SS1 only not tested

SOC Device Drivers

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
ADC R5F YES Single software triggered conversion, Multiple ADC trigger using PWM, Result read using DMA, EPWM trip through PPB limit -
Bootloader R5F YES Boot modes: QSPI, UART. All R5F's -
CMPSS R5F YES Asynchronous PWM trip -
CPSW R5F YES MAC loopback, PHY loopback, LWIP: Getting IP, Ping, Iperf, Layer 2 MAC, Layer 2 PTP Timestamping and CPSW Switch support -
DAC R5F YES Constant voltage, Square wave generation, Sine wave generation with and without DMA -
ECAP R5F YES ECAP APWM mode, PWM capture -
EDMA R5F YES DMA transfer using interrupt and polling mode, QDMA Transfer, Channel Chaining, PaRAM Linking -
EPWM R5F YES PWM outputs A and B in up-down count mode, Trip zone, Update PWM using EDMA, Valley switching functionality, High resolution time period adjustment capability -
EQEP R5F YES Frequency Measurement, Speed and Position measurement. -
FSI R5F YES RX, TX, polling, interrupt mode, single lane loopback. -
GPIO R5F YES Output, Input and Interrupt functionality -
I2C R5F YES Master mode, basic read/write -
IPC Notify R5F YES Mailbox functionality, IPC between RTOS/NORTOS CPUs M4F core
IPC Rpmsg R5F YES RPMessage protocol based IPC M4F core
MCAN R5F YES RX, TX, interrupt and polling mode -
MCSPI R5F YES Master/Slave mode, basic read/write, polling, interrupt mode -
MDIO R5F YES Register read/write, link status and link interrupt enable API -
MPU Firewall R5F YES Only compiled (Works only on HS-SE device) -
PINMUX R5F YES Tested with multiple peripheral pinmuxes -
PRUICSS R5F YES Tested with Ethercat FW HAL -
QSPI R5F YES Read direct, Write indirect, Read/Write commands, DMA for read -
SDFM R5F YES Filter data read from CPU, Filter data read with PWM sync -
SOC R5F YES Lock/unlock MMRs, clock enable, set Hz, Xbar configuration -
SPINLOCK R5F NA Lock, unlock HW spinlocks -
UART R5F YES Basic read/write at baud rate 115200, polling, interrupt mode HW flow control not tested, DMA mode not supported
WATCHDOG R5F YES Reset mode Interrupt mode

Board Device Drivers

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested
EEPROM R5F YES Only compiled -
ETHPHY R5F YES Tested with ethercat_slave_beckhoff_ssc_demo example -


Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
- - - - - -

Industrial Communications Toolkit

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
EtherCAT Slave FWHAL R5F NO FreeRTOS Tested with ethercat_slave_beckhoff_ssc_demo example Reset isolation

Motor Control

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
- - - - - -


Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
LwIP R5F YES FreeRTOS TCP/UDP IP networking stack, DHCP, ping, TCP iperf, TCP/UDP IP Other LwIP features, performance and memory optimizations pending, more robustness tests pending
Ethernet driver (ENET) R5F YES FreeRTOS Ethernet as port using CPSW and ICSS,Layer 2 MAC, Layer 2 PTP Timestamping, CPSW Switch -
ICSS-EMAC R5F YES FreeRTOS Only compiled Not tested


Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
- - - - - -

Fixed Issues

ID Head Line Module Applicable Releases Applicable Devices Resolution/Comments
MCUSDK-2285 Enet lld - Debug gels scripts are not updated for AM263x Enet 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. debug gels for am263x created.
MCUSDK-2343 Documentation update for out2rprc binary dependencies Build, Common, SBL 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Documentation Gap. out2rprc.exe is replaced by elf2rprc java scripts there by removing dependency of .NET framework tool.
MCUSDK-2396 Low SVC stack size with Interrupt nesting enabled DPL 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Stack size was not modified for few SOC's. Increased SVC stack size
MCUSDK-2457 Tools installed twice due to makefile based and ccs based builds Build 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Updated the make file to select the ti arm clang either from CCS or from c:/ti based on availability
MCUSDK-2541 IPC developer guide block diagram shows invalid cores IPC_Notify, IPC_RPMSG 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Documentation corrected
MCUSDK-2544 AM263x: MCAN driver doesn't support MCAN2,3 MCAN 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Updated driver to support MCAN2 and MCAN3 instances.
MCUSDK-2555 EPWM driver bug in 8.1 SDK EPWM 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Reverted the code to prepare and write the whole 16 bits value. Fixed the macro used to write to RED/FED registers.
MCUSDK-2559 AM263x_LP:FSI interrupt mode example FSI 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. The INTXBAR0_G3_SEL values for FSI TX and RX in CSL files were incorrect. Replaced with correct values. Also updated example syscfg to add interrupt xbar configuration.
MCUSDK-2626 QSPI Flash DMA transfer example fails the subsequent tests. QSPI 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. QSPI test was overwriting the SBL which caused this issue. QSPI test flash address changed.
MCUSDK-2704 Clock Jitter is observed after reconfiguring core PLL in SBL CPSW, SBL 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Need to follow below sequence before reconfiguring CORE PLL. 1) Before we program the PLLs the R5F source clock is changed to 25MHz clock and also change the peripheral clock sources that are used. 2) Sigma delta divider for optimum jitter bit is programmed as per the requirement, update that as well for CPSW 2G need.
MCUSDK-2874 Enet - LWIP example fails to load in CCS with SBL null mode LWIP, SBL 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Bank2 and Bank3 of L2 memory needs to be initialized before loading any app image which is placed in this memory. ROM does only does for Bank0 and Bank1 of L2memory. Added this in SBL before loading any appimage.
MCUSDK-3302 UART: UART_Params_init() configures intrNum incorrectly UART 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. UART_Params_init() configures intrNum with 210. This is valid only for AM243/64. Fixed the issue by initializing intrNum with invalid value. This needs to be modified with correct interrupt line for UART, before calling UART_open()
MCUSDK-3335 AM263x: SBL signing scripts fail Build 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Added missing template file am263x_x509template.txt needed by signing script.
MCUSDK-3393 IPC testcase fails in SBL testing IPC_Notify 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. SBL fixed by updating Mailbox init API's
MCUSDK-3413 Section Writing flash driver for a custom flash device is missing in AM263x documentation docs 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Added documentation on how to write flash driver for a custom flash device.
MCUSDK-3489 MPU Firewall: MPU_FIREWALL_getFirewallConfig() incorrect argument MPU Firewall 08_02_00 AM263x Fixed. Source pointer passed as argument was not updated. Used double pointer as argument to MPU_FIREWALL_getFirewallConfig(). This makes sure that the pointer at source is updated.

Known Issues

ID Head Line Module Reported in release Workaround
MCUSDK-1016 Semaphore does not function as expected when "post" call is present in multiple ISRs at different priorities DPL, FreeRTOS 08_00_03 Disable interrupt nesting
MCUSDK-2252 GPIO Pin Direction GPIO. GPIO Pin Direction not getting automatically configured. 08_00_02 Use GPIO_setDirMode to set pin direction for GPIO pin.
MCUSDK-2254 SBL QSPI bootmode is not working with DMA enabled SBL 08_00_03 -
MCUSDK-2257 eqep_frequency_measurement example is failing SBL 08_02_00 -
MCUSDK-2464 ADC sysconfig code generation issue ADC 08_00_03 -
MCUSDK-2703 Interrupt XBAR instance for FSI is static FSI 08_00_03 -
MCUSDK-3336 FSI is not functional with clock divider value more than 8 FSI 08_02_00 -
MCUSDK-3398 Address translation for R5FSS1 is missing SBL 08_02_00 -
MCUSDK-3436 QSPI flashing fails with uniflash Flash 08_02_00



ID Head Line Module Reported in release Workaround
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Upgrade and Compatibility Information

Not Applicable

SOC Device Drivers

Module Affected API Change Additional Remarks