AM263Px MCU+ SDK  09.02.00
Release Notes 09.02.00

Also refer to individual module pages for more details on each feature, unsupported features, important usage guidelines.
The examples will show usage of SW modules and APIs on a specific CPU instance and OS combination.
Unless explicitly noted otherwise, the SW modules would work in both FreeRTOS and no-RTOS environment.
Unless explicitly noted otherwise, the SW modules would work on any of the R5F's present on the SOC.
Current PMIC support in SDK is bare minimum meant to power up the modules and should not be used beyond this including safety use-case etc
CSP 12.7 or beyond needs to be used for XIP load/run from CCS. Refer Update CSP for installation steps.

New in this Release

Feature Module
Added empty example to support PRU0, PRU1 cores PRU-IO
Added PRU-ICSSM INTC and pinmux configuration from SysConfig PRU-IO
Added ICSS-EMAC driver support ICSS-EMAC
Added ICSS-EMAC LwIP example configured in Switch and MAC mode ICSS-EMAC
I2C LLD driver support (I2C Low Level Driver) I2C
SIP Package(ZCF) Support SOC
YANG data model based configuration support for IET/Frame Preemption(IEEE 802.1Qbu), Credit Based Shaper(IEEE 802.1Qav), Enhancements for Scheduled Traffic(IEEE 802.1Qbv) and other TSN features Ethernet and Networking
Ethernet Switch management through standard Link Layer Discovery Protocol(IEEE 802.1AB) for CPSW peripheral Ethernet and Networking
Multi-time domain gPTP(IEEE 802.1AS) support enabled in TSN stack Ethernet and Networking
Example to showcase the simultaneous execution of Time-Sensitive Networking and LwIP stack Ethernet and Networking
Added support for Ethernet add-on board for Automotive Ethernet PHY in AM263Px-CC board Ethernet and Networking

Modules Not tested/supported in this release

Device and Validation Information

SOC Supported CPUs EVM Host PC
AM263Px R5F AM263Px ControlCard E2 Rev (referred to as am263Px-cc in code).
Windows 10 64b or Ubuntu 18.04 64b
AM263Px R5F AM263Px LaunchPad (referred to as am263Px-lp in code).
Windows 10 64b or Ubuntu 18.04 64b

Dependent Tools and Compiler Information

Tools Supported CPUs Version
Code Composer Studio R5F 12.7.0
SysConfig R5F 1.20.0 build, build 3587
FreeRTOS Kernel R5F 10.4.3
Mbed-TLS R5F mbedtls-3.0.0

Key Features

Experimental Features

Features listed below are early versions and should be considered as "experimental".
Users can evaluate the feature, however the feature is not fully tested at TI side.
TI would not support these feature on public e2e.
Experimental features will be enabled with limited examples and SW modules.
Feature Module
GUI for UART Uniflash Tool Bootloader

OS Kernel

OS Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
FreeRTOS Kernel R5F NA Task, Task notification, interrupts, semaphores, mutexs, timers Task load measurement using FreeRTOS run time statistics APIs. Limited support for ROV features.
FreeRTOS POSIX R5F NA pthread, mqueue, semaphore, clock -
NO RTOS R5F NA See Driver Porting Layer (DPL) below -

Driver Porting Layer (DPL)

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
Cache R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Cache write back, invalidate, enable/disable -
Clock R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Tick timer at user specified resolution, timeouts and delays -
CpuId R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Verify Core ID and Cluster ID that application is currently running on -
CycleCounter R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Measure CPU cycles using CPU specific internal counters -
Debug R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Logging and assert to any combo of: UART, CCS, shared memory -
Heap R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Create arbitrary heaps in user defined memory segments -
Hwi R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Interrupt register, enable/disable/restore, Interrupt prioritization -
MPU R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Setup MPU and control access to address space -
Semaphore R5F NA FreeRTOS, NORTOS Binary, Counting Semaphore, recursive mutexs with timeout -
Task R5F NA FreeRTOS Create, delete tasks -
Timer R5F YES FreeRTOS, NORTOS Configure arbitrary timers -

Secondary Bootloader (SBL)

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
Bootloader R5FSS0-0 YES NORTOS Boot modes: OSPI, UART. All R5F's. RPRC, multi-core image format Force Dual Core Mode

SOC Device Drivers

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support DMA Supported Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
ADC, ADC_R R5F YES Yes. Examples: adc_soc_continuous_dma, adc_alternate_dma_trigger Single software triggered conversion, Multiple ADC trigger using PWM, Result read using DMA (normal and alternate triggers), EPWM trip through PPB limit, PPB features, Burst mode, Single and Differential mode, Interrupt with Offset from Aquisition Window, EPWM/ECAP/RTI triggered conversions, Trigger Repeater for Undersampling and Oversampling, Global Force on Multiple ADCs, Internal DAC Loopback to Calibration Channels, Safety Checker and Aggregator, Open Short Detection feature External channel selection
Bootloader R5F YES Yes. DMA enabled for SBL OSPI Boot modes: OSPI, UART. All R5F's -
CMPSS R5F YES NA Asynchronous PWM trip, digital filter CMPSS Dac LoopBack feature
CPSW R5F YES No MAC loopback, PHY loopback, LWIP: Getting IP, Ping, Iperf, Layer 2 MAC, Layer 2 PTP Timestamping and Ethernet CPSW Switch support, TSN stack RMII, MII mode
DAC R5F YES Yes. Example: dac_sine_dma Constant voltage, Square wave generation, Sine wave generation with and without DMA, Ramp wave generation, Random Voltage generation -
ECAP R5F YES yes. Example : ecap_edma ECAP APWM mode, PWM capture, DMA trigger in both APWM and Capture Modes -
EDMA R5F YES NA DMA transfer using interrupt and polling mode, QDMA Transfer, Channel Chaining, PaRAM Linking -
EPWM R5F YES Yes. Example: epwm_dma, epwm_xcmp_dma Multiple EPWM Sync from Top Module, PWM outputs A and B in up-down count mode, Trip zone, Update PWM using EDMA, Valley switching, High resolution time period adjustment, chopper module features, type5 features -
EQEP R5F YES NA Speed and Position measurement. Frequency Measurement -
FSI R5F YES Yes. Example: fsi_loopback_dma RX, TX, polling, interrupt mode, Dma, single lane loopback. - FSI Spi Mode
GPIO R5F YES NA Output, Input and Interrupt functionality -
I2C R5F YES No Controller mode, basic read/write -
IPC Notify R5F YES NA Mailbox functionality, IPC between RTOS/NORTOS CPUs M4F core
IPC Rpmsg R5F YES NA RPMessage protocol based IPC M4F core
MCAN R5F YES No RX, TX, interrupt and polling mode, Corrupt Message Transmission Prevention, Error Passive state, Bus Off State, Bus Monitoring Mode -
MCSPI R5F YES Yes. Example: mcspi_loopback_dma Controller/Peripheral mode, basic read/write, polling, interrupt and DMA mode -
MDIO R5F YES NA Register read/write, link status and link interrupt enable API -
MMCSD R5F YES NA MMCSD 4bit, Raw read/write file IO, eMMC
PINMUX R5F YES NA Tested with multiple peripheral pinmuxes -
PMU R5F NO NA Tested various PMU events Counter overflow detection is not enabled
OptiFlash R5F Yes NA FLC, RL2, RAT functionality, XIP with RL2 enabled OptiShare
OSPI R5F YES Yes. Example: ospi_flash_dma Read direct, Write indirect, Read/Write commands, DMA for read -
RTI R5F YES No Counter read, timebase selection, comparator setup for Interrupt, DMA requests Capture feature, fast enabling/disabling of events not tested
RESOLVER R5F YES No Angle and Speed Calcution. input Band Pass Filter, Manual Phase Gain Correction and Manual Ideal Sample Selection Mode calculation Tuning, Safety Diagnostic features
SDFM R5F YES yes. Example : sdfm_filter_sync_dmaread Filter data read from CPU, Filter data read with PWM sync, triggered DMA read from the Filter FIFO, ECAP Clock LoopBack -
SOC R5F YES NA Lock/unlock MMRs, clock enable, set Hz, Xbar configuration, SW Warm Reset, Address Translation -
SPINLOCK R5F NA NA Lock, unlock HW spinlock -
UART R5F YES Yes. Example: uart_echo_dma Basic read/write at baud rate 115200, polling, interrupt mode HW flow control not tested, DMA mode not supported
WATCHDOG R5F YES NA Reset mode, Interrupt mode -

Trigonometric Operations

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support DMA Supported Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
TMU R5F NO NA TMU Operations, Pipelining, Contex Save Square Root, Division Operations. more than 1 Interrupt Nesting for the contex save is not Supported.

Board Device Drivers

Peripheral Supported CPUs SysConfig Support Key features tested Key features not tested
EEPROM R5F YES Only compiled -
ETHPHY R5F YES Tested with ethercat_slave_beckhoff_ssc_demo example -


Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS Support Key features tested Key features not tested
Time-Sensitive Networking(gPTP-IEEE 802.1AS) R5F NO FreeRTOS gPTP IEEE 802.1 AS-2020 compliant gPTP stack, End Nodes and Bridge mode support, YANG data model configuration Multi-Clock Domain
LwIP R5F YES FreeRTOS TCP/UDP IP networking stack with and without checksum offload enabled, TCP/UDP IP networking stack with server and client functionality, basic Socket APIs, netconn APIs and raw APIs, DHCP, ping, TCP iperf, scatter-gather, DSCP priority mapping Other LwIP features
Ethernet driver (ENET) R5F YES FreeRTOS Ethernet as port using CPSW, MAC loopback and PHY loopback, Layer 2 MAC, Packet Timestamping, CPSW Switch, CPSW EST, interrupt pacing, Policer and Classifier, MDIO Manual Mode, Credit Based Shaper (IEEE 802.1Qav), Strapped PHY (Early Ethernet) RMII, MII mode
ICSS-EMAC R5F YES FreeRTOS Switch and MAC features, Storm Prevention (MAC), Host Statistics, Multicast Filtering Promiscuous Mode

Safety Diagnostic Library

Module Supported CPUs SysConfig Support OS support Key features tested Key features not tested / NOT supported
MCRC R5F NA NORTOS Full CPU, Auto CPU Mode and Semi CPU Auto Mode -
DCC R5F NA NORTOS Single Shot and Continuous modes -
PBIST R5F NA NORTOS Memories supported by MSS PBIST controller. -
ESM R5F NA NORTOS Tested in combination with RTI, DCC -
RTI R5F NA NORTOS WINDOWSIZE_100_PERCENT, WINDOWSIZE_50_PERCENT ,Latency/Propagation timing error(early)(50% window),Latency/Propagation timing error(late)(50% window) -
CCM R5F NA NORTOS CCM Self Test Mode,Error Forcing Mode and Self Test Error Forcing Mode. TMU and RL2 are also validated -
R5F STC(LBIST), Static Register Read R5F NA NORTOS STC of R5F, R5F CPU Static Register Read -
TMU ROM Checksum R5F NA NORTOS ROM checksum for TMU -
Time out Gasket(STOG) R5F NA NORTOS Timeout gasket feature -
Thermal Monitor(VTM) R5F NA NORTOS Over, under and thershold temperature interrupts -

Note: SDL is validate only on ControlCard.

Fixed Issues

ID Head Line Module Applicable Releases Applicable Devices Resolution/Comments
MCUSDK-11526 UART LLD does not output readable characters with 16x AUTO BAUD operation mode. UART 09.01.00 onwards We need to send the "AT/at" command from the UART_read API then it will work
MCUSDK-12347 Infra: SysCfg for System examples generating code in single context mode. SDK_INFRA 09.00.00 onwards Infra changes needed..
MCUSDK-12574 EDMA: Unable to configure Interrupt priority. EDMA 09.00.00 onwards Enabled interrupt priority configuration from SysCfg.
MCUSDK-12694 [AM263P] RTI4 through RTI7 interrupts unusable with SysConfig. RTI 09.01.00 onwards Update meta content for syscfg module.
MCUSDK-12922 Non-existent RTI instances can be added to SysConfig file resulting in corruption. RTI 09.00.00 onwards canShareWith parameter removed from SysCfg configuration.
MCUSDK-12946 IPC: RPMSG Send fails if timeout is 0 IPC 09.01.00 onwards Timeout implemented while calling IpcNotify_send.
MCUSDK-13073 OCRAM Bank4 and Bank5 not initialized RCM 09.01.00 onwards Initialization added for these 2 banks
MCUSDK-12658 McSPI LLD multiple instances build issue McSPI 09.01.00 onwards Fixed issues in SysCfg template.
MCUSDK-12946 MCAN_txBufAddReq API should do a direct write on TXBAR register instead of a read-modify-write. MCAN 09.01.00 onwards Updated the API.
MCUSDK-12278 Sysconfig: Missing EPWMxSYNCPER configuration EPWM 09.02.00 None Moved this feature the Time Base Submodule Configurations in syscfg. This is not a HRPWM feature, yet positioned in the HRPWM configuration space.
MCUSDK-12264 EQEP position speed example failure on am263px-lp EQEP 09.02.00 None None
MCUSDK-12263 ECAP APWM example failure on am263px-lp ECAP 09.02.00 None Outputxbar fixes
MCUSDK-12262 EPWM deadband example failure EPWM 09.02.00 None Syscfg Pin Suggestion fixes
MCUSDK-12247 Syscfg: ouptutxbar generated code doesnt change the instance XBAR 09.02.00 None Outputxbar driver addition for the extended groups and udpated for the new Device Data
MCUSDK-12513 EPWM: Sysconfig Fix for MixedSource in EPWM_setADCTriggerSource EPWM 09.02.00 None Fixed Code generation for Event Trigger Submodule
MCUSDK-12449 EPWM: Syscfg API generation miss for period load EPWM 09.02.00 None Fixed Code generation for Period Load.

Known Issues

ID Head Line Module Reported in release Workaround
MCUSDK-11507 ENET: CPSW MAC port is stuck forever and dropping all the Rx/Tx packets with reception of corrupts preamble CPSW 09.00.01 None
MCUSDK-12312 ROM bootloader fails when booting from Macronix Flash on AM263Px-LP SBL 09.01.00 Use UART/CCS Boot
MCUSDK-12313 OSPI Phy Tuning not working on Macronix Flash on AM263Px-LP SBL 09.01.00 Use UART/CCS Boot
MCUSDK-12289 32 KB TCM is used in examples sysconfig MPU module, size should be 64 KB Common 09.01.00 Use 64KB TCM in user application
MCUSDK-12265 SDFM example failure on am263px-lp SDFM 09.01.00 None
MCUSDK-12264 EQEP position speed example failure on am263px-lp EQEP 09.01.00 None
MCUSDK-12247 Syscfg: ouptutxbar generated code doesnt change the instance XBAR 09.01.00 Use XBAR driver API to configure the output xbar instance
MCUSDK-11675 INDAC write only works if MPU for flash is only configured as Strongly-ordered OSPI 09.01.00 None
MCUSDK-13111 Memory Configurator/syscfg auto-linker generator doesn't support reordering Build 09.01.00 onwards -
MCUSDK-13109 RTI Interrupt req is pulse type and not level type RTI 09.01.00 onwards -
MCUSDK-13014 The memory read feature of uniflash erases the memory Flash 09.01.00 onwards -
MCUSDK-13011 Multicore Empty project not working properly FreeRTOS 09.01.00 onwards -
MCUSDK-12986 FreeRTOS: Barrier instructions missing in Interrupt Disable/Enable API's FreeRTOS 09.01.00 onwards -
PINDSW-7715 Dual EMAC instance not working with both ports together for icss_emac_lwip example ICSS-EMAC 09.02.00 onwards None
PINDSW-7746 Low iperf values in TCP and UDP ICSS-EMAC 09.02.00 onwards None
MCUSDK-12756 MbedTLS - Timing side channel attack in RSA private operation exposing plaintext. Mbed-TLS 08.06.00 onwards None
PROC_SDL-7615 ECC example fails for SEC and DED for TPTC memories. SDL 09.02.00 onwards None


ID Head Line Module SDK Status
i2189 OSPI: Controller PHY Tuning Algorithm OSPI Open
i2311 USART: Spurious DMA Interrupts UART Implemented
i2324 No synchronizer present between GCM and GCD status signals Common Implemented
i2345 CPSW: Ethernet Packet corruption occurs if CPDMA fetches a packet which spans across memory banks CPSW Implemented
i2350 McSPI data transfer using EDMA in 'ABSYNC' mode stops after 32 bits transfer McSPI Open
i2351 OSPI: Controller does not support Continuous Read mode with NAND Flash OSPI Open
i2354 SDFM: Two Back-to-Back Writes to SDCPARMx Register Bit Fields CEVT1SEL, CEVT2SEL, and HZEN Within Three SD-Modulator Clock Cycles can Corrupt SDFM State Machine, Resulting in Spurious Comparator Events SDFM Open
i2356 ADC: Interrupts may Stop if INTxCONT (Continue-to-Interrupt Mode) is not Set ADC Implemented
i2383 OSPI: 2-byte address is not supported in PHY DDR mode OSPI Open
i2401 CPSW: Host Timestamps Cause CPSW Port to Lock up CPSW Open
i2404 Race condition in mailbox registers resulting in events miss IPC, Mailbox Implemented
i2405 CONTROLSS: Race condition OUTPUT_XBAR and PWM_XBAR resulting in event miss Crossbar Open


ID Head Line Module Reported in release Workaround
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Upgrade and Compatibility Information

Compiler Options

Module Affected API Change Additional Remarks
- - - -

SOC Device Drivers

Module Affected API Change Additional Remarks
xbar SOC_xbarSelectInputXBarInputSource, SOC_xbarSelectPWMXBarInputSource, SOC_xbarSelectInterruptXBarInputSource, SOC_xbarSelectDMAXBarInputSource, SOC_xbarSelectPWMSyncOutXBarInput added SOC_xbarSelectInputXBarInputSource_ext, SOC_xbarSelectPWMXBarInputSource_ext, SOC_xbarSelectInterruptXBarInputSource_ext, SOC_xbarSelectDMAXBarInputSource_ext, SOC_xbarSelectPWMSyncOutXBarInput_ext both API versions are kept for compatibility purposes. for the additional/ extended configurations on xbar "API", please use "API_ext" GPIO NA The GPIO deviceData has been modified to reduce the load from the solver working at the backend of sysconfig application. Instead of choosing the gpio peripheral GPIO0 or GPIO1 for the main domain, user can now directy choose the pins. With this change, user can add as many gpios as possible without facing any sysconfig crash. SDK changes thereby had to be adjusted accordingly. Please note that these changes are backward compatible, so the old example.syscfg will still work. However, this change will break compatibility with users who are not using the SDK but directly using pinmux. They will have to remove the gpio related configurations from their syscfg file, then open the file in syscfg and add those gpios configurations again via gui.


Module Affected API Change Additional Remarks
- - - -