AM263Px MCU+ SDK  09.01.00
Getting Started With Smart Placement


Smart placement is to enable profiling-based application optimization.

Usually used when application foot print is more than internal memory size (3.5MB for case of AM263Px). More on this can be read at Smart Placement

The basic assumption is that application needs to be profiled to gather runtime information. This information is then used to optimize the application by moving functions from external slower, but larger, flash to internal memory which is faster but small in size.

Smart placement provides tools and method to make the process easy via specific implementations of smart placement

Specific implementation of smart placement

Manual Implementation

Use this when

  1. it is not suitable to run the application on the target and collect runtime profiling data.
  2. Developer of the application have knowledge about the criticality of various functions/Tasks.

More on this can be read at Manual Smart Placement

SW Instrumentation implementation

This method gives an automated way of finding critical functions. A more frequent function is more critical function. Use this when:

  1. Application runtime profiling and profiling data extraction is possible.
  2. Higher profiling coverage is required.

More on this can be read at Software Instrument Smart Placement