AM263Px MCU+ SDK  09.01.00
OSPI Nand Flash IO


This example demonstrates basic read write to the OSPI Nand flash configured in polled mode of operation. APIs from flash driver are used to read and write to the flash. The underlying OSPI reads and writes are taken care by the flash APIs.

To use NAND flash the following steps are required :

  1. Set flash type to Serial Nand in Syscfg
  2. Select OSPI Chip Select CS1
  3. Drive the GPIO37 pin to low (OSPI/QSPI_MUX_SEL - low for QSPI nand flash)

The example writes known data to a particular offset in the flash and then reads it back. The read back data is then compared with the written known data.

When the comparisons match, test result is passed otherwise failed.

Supported Combinations

Parameter Value
CPU + OS r5fss0-0 nortos
Toolchain ti-arm-clang
Boards am263px-cc
Example folder examples/drivers/ospi/ospi_nand_flash_io

Steps to Run the Example

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Sample Output

All tests have passed!!