AM243x MCU+ SDK  08.06.00


This example demonstrates file I/O operations using the FreeRTOS+FAT file system to the SD Card inserted. The MMCSD instance and the media connected to it are selectable via Sysconfig. In the Sysconfig of the example, user just needs to add the FreeRTOS+FAT module. The MMCSD module instance will be added automatically.

The example initially checks for a FAT partition in the media. If it doesn't find one, a 128 MB partition is created (FAT16). Then a file is created and some known data is written to that. Then the file is closed and re-opened for read back. The file is then read back and compared with the known data.

When the comparison match, test result is passed otherwise failed.

Supported Combinations

Parameter Value
CPU + OS r5fss0-0 nortos
Toolchain ti-arm-clang
Boards am243x-evm
Example folder examples/drivers/mmcsd/mmcsd_file_io

Steps to Run the Example

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Sample Output

[MMCSD FILE IO] Starting...
All tests have passed!!