AM243x MCU+ SDK  08.00.00
Build a Hello World example

Using makefiles

  • When using makefiles to build, make sure you have built the example of interest using makefiles (see Using SDK with Makefiles)
  • Given below is the command to build the "hello world example". Note, use make in Linux
      gmake -s -C examples/kernel/dpl/hello_world/{board}/r5fss0-0_freertos/ti-arm-clang
  • After the executable is built successfully, now you can load and run it (see CCS Launch, Load and Run)

Using CCS projects

  • When using CCS projects to build, make sure you have imported and built the CCS project of interest (see Using SDK with CCS Projects)
  • Quick steps to import the "hello world example" CCS project are listed below
    • In CCS, goto "Toolbar > View > Project Explorer"
    • In the "Project Explorer" window, right click and select "Import > CCS Projects"
    • Click "Browse" and goto the folder ${SDK_INSTALL_DIR}/examples/kernel/dpl/hello_world
    • Select the project hello_world_{board}_r5fss0-0_freertos_ti-arm-clang
    • The project will be imported into the "Project Explorer"
    • Right click on the project title and click "Build Project"
    • This will build the project, now you can load and run it (see CCS Launch, Load and Run)

Rebuilding libraries

  • When a CCS example project is built or a single example is built with makefiles, as described above, the libraries are not re-built.
  • If you have modified any source or header file with a library, you need to rebuild the libraries using makefiles.
  • By default the SDK when installed has all libraries pre-built, however if you want to rebuild the libraries, do below
      cd ${SDK_INSTALL_PATH}
      gmake -s libs PROFILE=debug      # for debug mode libraries
      # OR
      gmake -s libs PROFILE=release    # for release mode libraries
  • See also Using SDK with Makefiles for more library build options and makefile tips.