Getting Started

This section serves as a roadmap for users developing applications and products using the TI SimpleLink CC13x0 wireless MCU platform using the TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway. Whether a seasoned developer or just getting started, TI has created a variety of resources to simplify development on the CC13x0 platform. These resources will enhance your experience with the TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway 2.1.0 Software part of the TI 15.4-Stack Linux SDK from the out-of-the-box demo to production.

Figure 1. shows the suggested workflow for getting started with TI’s SimpleLink TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway development environment.


Figure 1. Suggested Workflow


Resources contained in the Learn track of Figure 1. are intended for users who are new to TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway. These modules demonstrate how to create custom applications with TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway.


The develop track of Figure 1. is intended for programmers who are ready to start developing an end product using the CC13x0. To begin:

  1. Download the TI 15.4-Stack Linux SDK TI 15.4-Stack Linux SDK TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway contains the code neccessary to create a complete IEEE 802.15.4g compliant linux application. The stack library code implements the IEEE 802.15.4g protocol stack on the CC13x0, and the various example projects use the stack library to implement end devices. These examples should be considered as starting points for end product designs. To install the TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway, run the installer. See Development Environment for help installing the TI 15.4-Stack Linux SDK.
  2. Get Familiar with the Software Developer’s Guide The Software Developer’s Guide is meant to be used alongside the TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway when developing an end product. It contains documentation on the stack architecture, APIs, and suggestions for developing applications. To jump to the Table of Contents, click here: TI 15.4-Stack Linux Developer’s Guide
  3. Select an Example Project The TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway includes a basic set of projects to use as a starting point for development of your custom application. TI recommends that users start their development on a project starting the Collector and Sensor example applications. The Linux Collector Example Application interfaces with the CC13x0 running the MAC coprocessor through UART. The Linux Collector Example Application provides the same functionality as the Embedded Collector Application with the addition of providing a socket server interface to the Linux Gateway Application. The Linux Gateway Application implemented within the Node.js® framework connects as a client to the socket server created by the Linux Collector Example Application and establishes a local web server to which the user can connect through a web browser (in the local network) to monitor and control the network devices. The Collector and Gateway Applications that provide IEEE 802.15.4 to the IP Bridge are a great starting point for creating Internet of Things (IoT) applications with TI 15.4-Stack. For more details on these and all other included projects, see Example Applications.
  4. Troubleshooting Help While developing your custom application, you may run into issues that require the use of a debugger. The Troubleshooting chapter provides help with configuring your debugger and understanding common problems. If you are still having problems after reading through the Debugging chapter, see the Support track for more options.


The enhance track of Figure 1. is intended to take your product to the next level by leveraging TI’s web-based collateral. Additional resources found in these pages include application-specific source code examples and complete sub-system designs.

Examples of system designs containing complete hardware and software examples, using the CC13x0.


The support track of Figure 1. is intended to provide you additional help and resources that aren’t contained in the previous tracks.

A collection of webpages that contain step-by-step guides and code snippets that enable certain features and enhancements to the CC13x0, such as production test mode and certification.

A support community providing answers to questions relating to the TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway and the CC13x0. You can browse questions from other developers or ask your own questions if you run into issues developing with the TI 15.4-Stack Linux Gateway.