VLIB  3_3_2_0

Build date: 08142018

Release Information

This is a GA release of the Vision Library (VLIB) for C64x+/C674x/C66x processors.

VLIB is a software library of more than 40 royalty-free kernels from Texas Instruments that accelerates video analytics development and increases performance up to 10 times. VLIB is an extensible library that is optimized for the C6x DSP core and is available royalty-free. This collection of 40+ kernels provide the ability to perform:
  • Background Modeling & Subtraction
  • Object Feature Extraction
  • Tracking & Recognition
  • Low-level Pixel Processing

The deliverables in this release include Windows and Linux installation executables for the C64x+, C674x and C66x processors. Each executable installs a component package repository, a documentation directory, an Eclipse plugin directory and an expanded component directory structure with component libraries, header files and test examples.

Compatibility Note

This release of VLIB contains libraries compiled using version (8.2.4) of the C6000 DSP compiler, whereas previous versions were using the version 7.4.2. Please refer to the (compiler release notes) for feature updates. One of the major differences between these two versions is that version 7.x supported both COFF and ELF ABIs (both of which were delivered in prior VLIB releases), but compiler version 8.x and beyond will only support ELF ABI. Therefore, this version of VLIB only contains ELF libraries. TI recommends those using COFF ABI refer to the (C6000 EABI Migration Guide) to migrate their projects to use ELF. For those who need the bug fixes from this release and can not migrate to ELF in the short term, you can download a version of this release which includes the libraries compiled with the legacy compiler version 7.4.2 at the following https://software-dl.ti.com/libs/vlib/3_3_2_0-legacy/index_FDS.html.

VLIB Product downloads

Title Description Size
Vision Library (VLIB) Downloads
VLIB Documentation
No Login VLIB_C64P_Function_Reference.chm VLIB C64x+ Function Reference 1488K
No Login VLIB_C66_Function_Reference.chm VLIB C66x Function Reference 1728K
No Login VLIB_C674_Function_Reference.chm VLIB C674x Function Reference 1488K
No Login Software_Manifest.html VLIB Software Manifest 16K
C66x VLIB (little-endian)
No Login vlib_c66x_obj_3_3_2_0_Win32.exe VLIB for C66x Windows Installer 15896K
No Login vlib_c66x_obj_3_3_2_0_Linux.bin VLIB for C66x Linux Installer 15728K
C64x+ VLIB (little-endian)
No Login vlib_c64Px_obj_3_3_2_0_Win32.exe VLIB for C64x+ Windows Installer 13236K
No Login vlib_c64Px_obj_3_3_2_0_Linux.bin VLIB for C64x+ Linux Installer 13072K
C674x VLIB (little-endian)
No Login vlib_c674x_obj_3_3_2_0_Win32.exe VLIB for C674x Windows Installer 13232K
No Login vlib_c674x_obj_3_3_2_0_Linux.bin VLIB for C674x Linux Installer 13068K
MD5 Checksums 4K

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