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AER  17_0_0_0

Build date: 09112013

Release Information

The Acoustic Echo Cancellation/Removal (AER) removes or minimizes acoustic echo that is
generated by the coupling between the speaker and the microphone of a phone or similar
device, particularly in hands-free mode.

The primary purposes of the AER are:
  • Canceling echo so that it is not perceptible.
  • Enabling full duplex operation.
  • Controlling nonlinear distortion that is common at high speaker volumes.
  • Suppressing near-end noise without affecting speech quality.
The secondary purpose of the AER is:
  • Enabling phone manufacturers to achieve the required transmission characteristics of their phones as specified by various standards.
The deliverables in this release include a Windows or a Linux installation executable for
the supported processors. Each executable installs a component package repository,
a documentation directory, an Eclipse plugin directory and an expanded component
directory structure with all component libraries, header files and test examples.

The AER Fact Sheet and User's Manual below provide additional information regarding this release.


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AER Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Acoustic Echo Cancellation/Removal (AER) Downloads for C55x/C64x+/C674x/Cortex-A8(TM) Processors
AER Documentation
AER_Fact_Sheet.pdf AER Fact Sheet 40K
BF_white_paper.pdf Beamforming white paper 13936K
AER_Installation_Verification.pdf AER Installation Guide 248K
AER_Users_Manual.chm AER User's Manual 7252K
AER_Software_Manifest.html AER Software Manifest 8K
AER Downloads
Unlocked aer_c55l_obj_17_0_0_0_Win32.exe AER for C55x Windows Installer 317092K
Unlocked aer_c55l_obj_17_0_0_0_Linux.bin AER for C55x Linux Installer 144276K
Unlocked aer_c55l_cpuv3.3_obj_17_0_0_0_Win32.exe AER for C55x CPU V3.3 Windows Installer 317088K
Unlocked aer_c55l_cpuv3.3_obj_17_0_0_0_Linux.bin AER for C55x CPU V3.3 Linux Installer 144272K
Unlocked aer_c64Px_obj_17_0_0_0_Win32.exe AER for C64x+/c674x (Big and Little Endian) Windows Installer 333784K
Unlocked aer_c64Px_obj_17_0_0_0_Linux.bin AER for C64x+/c674x (Big and Little Endian) Linux Installer 160968K
Unlocked aer_gcarmv7a_obj_17_0_0_0_Win32.exe AER for Cortex-A8 Softfp Windows Installer 305648K
Unlocked aer_gcarmv7a_obj_17_0_0_0_Linux.bin AER for Cortex-A8 Softfp Linux Installer 132828K
Unlocked aer_gcarmv7a_hardfp_obj_17_0_0_0_Win32.exe AER for Cortex-A8 Hardfp Windows Installer 305624K
Unlocked aer_gcarmv7a_hardfp_obj_17_0_0_0_Linux.bin AER for Cortex-A8 Hardfp Linux Installer 69280K
MD5 Checksums 4K
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