TIOVX Release Notes

Version: 09.02.00


  1. Introduction
  2. Licensing
  3. Getting Started
  4. Documentation
  5. What's New
  6. Upgrade and Compatibility Information
  7. Device Support
  8. Validation Information
  9. Fixed Issues
  10. Known Issues
  11. Change Requests
  12. Technical Support
  13. Package Versioning


The TIOVX package consists of the Texas Instruments OpenVX conformant implementation for Jacinto7 platform


The licensing information of this library, as well as any third-party components included which are made available under a number of other open-source licenses are enumerated as part of the manifest. A complete manifest along with export control information is detailed here [HTML].

Getting Started

The TIOVX User Guide [HTML] provides the documentation and references necessary to begin development on TI's platforms using TIOVX.


Refer to following documentation for further details:

TIOVX User Guide Build instructions, API Guide, tutorials, tool documentation, etc [HTML]
Test Reports Conformance test reports, TI platform test reports [XLSX]
Software Manifest Licenses, terms of use [HTML]
Static Analysis Report C and C++ Taxonomy Report [XLSX]
Bidirectional Traceability Report Traceability reports of MR to FR to Test [XLSX]
FMEA Failure modes and effects analysis of TIOVX framework, platform and utils layers Available upon request. (This will be publicly available when TIOVX safety is complete in SDK 10.1)

What's New

ID Summary
TIOVX-56 Coding: Framework shall be MISRAC 2012 Compliant
TIOVX-1540 TIOVX shall support Khronos Safe Casts Extension
TIOVX-1497 TIOVX shall support Khronos Bidirectional Parameters Extension
TIOVX-1479 TIOVX buffer allocator shall support a heap with cache write through policy

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

File Change description User application change required User application recompile required
include\TI\tivx_obj_desc.h The TIVX_IMAGE_MAX_PLANES value has increased from "3" to "4" NO YES
include\TI\soc\tivx_config*.h Several of the max values have increased to support various use cases NO YES
include\TI\tivx_target_kernel.h The tivxPlatformGetDmaObj has been deprecated in favor of appUdmaGetObj in app_utils YES YES

Device Support

SoC Target (OS) Test Plaform
J721E x86_64 (Linux) x86_64 Linux with Ubuntu 22.04
J721E R5F, C6x, C7x running FreeRTOS or SafeRTOS
A72 running Linux Kernel v6.1 or QNX

Validation Information

This release was built and validated using the following tools:

Build Tools (included in Processor SDK RTOS):

Dependencies (included in Processor SDK RTOS):

Dependencies (NOT included in Processor SDK RTOS):

Refer user guide [HTML] for instructions to install and setup above dependancies.

Fixed Issues

ID Summary
TIOVX-1559 Error in graph stream release logic
TIOVX-1518 Supported kernels table renders incorrectly
TIOVX-1458 Documentation: Resource stats apis are not grouped together
TIOVX-1456 Documentation: obj_desc count table within vx_log_resource is core/process specific
TIOVX-1455 SPINLOCK implementation in TIOVX deviated from the TRM suggestions.
TIOVX-1450 Accessing object descriptor of image on unsuccesful creation of image.
TIOVX-1428 Conformance test case failure due to status check given for ownReleaseReferenceInt function call in vxReleaseKernel API
TIOVX-1338 [CSITX]: No clean exit when buffers are not enqueued

Known Issues

ID Summary
TIOVX-1453 Linux: APIs like vxSwapImageHandle, tivxReferenceImport and export handles does not consider dma_buf_fd
TIOVX-1432 subset of tivxGraphPipeline.ReplicateImage2 test cases fail when run via ssh
TIOVX-1428 Conformance test case failure due to status check given for ownReleaseReferenceInt function call in vxReleaseKernel API
TIOVX-1344 Display conformance tests giving wrong output for ADAS image (J721E, J721S2, J784S4)
TIOVX-1338 [CSITX]: No clean exit when buffers are not enqueued
TIOVX-1309 Canny robustness test failing on PC emulation with full conformance test suite
TIOVX-1297 vxScaleImageNode Upsampling output is not as expected for fractional scaling
TIOVX-1238 Frame Freeze in QNX when LDC node, Mosaic node and a Display node added to SRV demo
TIOVX-1023 tivxGraphPipeline.MaxDataRef disabled due to failure caused by boundary condition
TIOVX-823 TIOVX delay parameters with pipelining result in serialization of nodes
TIOVX-569 Bmp utils do not work for loading RGBX images
VXLIB-371 Multiply iS16 iS16 oS16 with 1/255 as scaling factor fails for X86 target
TIOVX-1238 Frame Freeze in QNX when LDC node, Mosaic node and a Display node added to SRV demo. Patch attached here can be used to fix issue
ADASVISION-5758 Enable en_out_ldc_write causes freeze in Multi Cam Demo. Patch attached here can be used to fix issue

Change Requests

ID Headline Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-7507 Defer benchmark numbers on IPC with OpenVX overhead on J7 platforms to 10.1 release 09.02.00 10.01.00

Technical Support

For technical support and additional assistance, contact local TI Field Application Engineer

Package Versioning

Each package version is composed of 4 period-delimited numbers - represented here by the letters M, m, p and b [M.m.p.b]. The table below provides a descriptive reference regarding package version numbering.

Digit Meaning Description
1 (M=Major) Major revision Incremented when the new version is substantially different from the previous For example, a new module added or an existing module's algorithm significantly altered.
2 (m=minor) Minor revision Incremented when the new version has changed but not in a major way. For example, some minor changes in the API or feature set.
3 (p=patch) Patch number Incremented for all other source code changes. This include any packaging support code.
4 (b=build) Build number Incremented for each release delivery to CM. Reset for any change to M, m or p

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