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  4. What's New
  5. Fixed Issues
  6. Known Issues
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The Vision Hardware Accelerator (VHWA) provides the logic to interface for MSC, NF, LDC, VISS, DOF and SDE accelerators. This is VHWA FVID2 driver documentation.


Refer to VHWA manifest [HTML].


VHWA Static Analysis Report Static Analysis Report (excluding AM62A and J722S) [XLSX]
VHWA Driver API Guide API Guide [HTML]
VHWA Performance Statistics Performance Statistics [HTML]
VHWA Test Report Test Report [Folder]

What's New

Here is a list of the new feature(s) supported in this release:

Fixed Issues

[VHWA-VISS]: LSC is now correctly applied in VHWA for VPAC3L.
[VHWA-VISS]: 16bit IR only output is now fixed for VPAC3L
[VHWA-MSC]: Error interrupts are protected against out of order interrupts for VPAC3
[VHWA]: Two and Three frame merge functionality is now available for VPAC3L
[VHWA-LDC]: LDC now supports 8 cameras for multicamera application for VPAC3L

Known Issues

ID Summary
PDK-12683 Chroma only output is not correct from Human Vision Pipeline when machine vision is enabled.
PDK-12681 Incorrect access of luma and chroma channel in luma only and chroma only mode causes corruption.
PDK-13230 Edge-enhancement mode not supported for HV-MV dual pipeline.
PDK-13229 CAC input for MV is not enabled in VHWA
PDK-13247 AEWB output incorrect for VISS for Three Frame Merge with two YUV420, saturation and AEWB output
PDK-12860 [VHWA-VISS]: Error check missing while setting VISS module specific configuration
- [VHWA]: DPC stats enable MMR is not configurable from VHWA VPAC3L.
- [VHWA]: DCC live tuning for AWB is not working properly on AM62A

Technical Support

For technical support and additional assistance, contact E2E Forum

Package Versioning

Each package version is composed of 4 period-delimited numbers - represented here by the letters M, m, p and b [M.m.p.b]. The table below provides a descriptive reference regarding package version numbering.

Digit Meaning Description
1 (M=Major) Major revision Incremented when the new version is substantially different from the previous For example, a new module added or an existing module's algorithm significantly altered.
2 (m=minor) Minor revision Incremented when the new version has changed but not in a major way. For example, some minor changes in the API or feature set.
3 (p=patch) Patch number Incremented for all other source code changes. This include any packaging support code.
4 (b=build) Build number Incremented for each release delivery to CM. Reset for any change to M, m or p


VHWA Overview VHWA Modules and SW Overview [PPTX]

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