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This is the release notes for MCUSW_J7_09.02.00 release, produced on 2024-03-12.

The MCUSW package consists of MCAL Driver & Demos/Applications for J721E/J7200/J721S2/J784S4 family of devices . The MCAL modules are compliant to AUTOSAR specification versioned 4.3.1 .


Refer to Processor SDK Automotive manifest at top level and MCUSW Manifest for MCUSW Manifest.

Getting Started

The MCUSW User Guide provides the documentation and references necessary to begin development on TI’s platforms using MCUSW.


  1. MCUSW User Guide:
  2. This document details Supported driver, Installation, Dependencies, Build instructions, Steps to run example applications, Module Specific User Guides, API Guide, Test Reports, Design Document and others.

    MCUSW User Guide Top

  3. MCUSW Configurator User Guide:
  4. Refer this before attempting to reconfigure MCAL modules. This include steps to Install Configurator (EB), Configurator Licensing, Generation of MCAL Configurations and others.

    MCUSW Configurator User Guide


NOT Included in MCUSW Package:

MCUSW MCAL Configurator lists the steps required to get access to Configurator.

Configurator package name is MCUSW_09_02_00_05_CONFIG-windows-installer.exe, and contains following items:

  1. MCAL Configurator Plugins (${EB_INSTALL_DIR}/mcal_drv/mcal_config)
  2. MCAL Compliance Support Package with Safety Collateral. Please note: MCUSW_J7_03.00.00 Release (SDK8.6) is Safety Certified.

What’s New

New features supported in this release:

  1. Updated Compiler Version: ti-cgt-armllvm_3.2.1.LTS
  2. Several Fixed Defects.
  3. QSPI Flash Support added for J721S2 on OSPI1 instance.


Please note that the MCAL Release Versioning has changed and now is in accordance with AUTOSAR requirement SRS_BSW_00321. The MCAL Module Version number (Major.Minor.Patch) is updated only during release cycle based on the change in source/compatibilty with previous release. MCAL Modules will not have a common version number. MCAL Package release version and the Bundle Version of the configurator plugins will be updated for each new release.

Details based on SRS_BSW_00321. The Version numbers of MCAL AUTOSAR Basic SW Modules shall be enumurated according to the below rules:

IMPORTANT NOTE: User should ensure to use below modules version for MCUSW_J7_09.02.00 release. User should take care to not mis-match or mix-and-match the versions with various MCUSW releases. Bundle Version of all plugins is 9.2.0.

Module Previous Module Verson Current Module Version Remarks
ADC 9.0.1 9.0.1 None
CAN 9.0.1 9.1.0 Minor Version Update.
CDD IPC 10.0.0 10.0.1 Minor Bug Fix. Refer to “Fixes Defects”
DIO 9.0.1 10.0.0 User should generate the configuration again
GPT 9.0.1 9.0.1 None
ICU 9.0.1 9.0.1 None
PWM/EPWM 9.0.1 9.0.1 None
MCU 9.1.0 9.1.1 Minor Bug Fix. Refer to “Fixes Defects”
SPI 9.0.1 9.0.1 None
FLS 10.0.0 10.1.0 Minor version Update. Functionality Added. Refer to Fls User Guide
WDG 9.0.0 9.0.0 None
ETH 9.1.0 9.2.0 Minor Bug Fix. Refer to “Fixes Defects”
TH TRCV 9.1.0 9.2.0 Minor version Update
OS 9.0.1 9.0.1 None
EcuM 9.0.0 9.0.0 None
DEM 9.0.0 9.0.0 None

Device Support

Supported SoCs: J721E & J721S2 & J7200 & J784S4


This release was built and validated using the following tools.

Build Tools (included in Processor SDK)

  1. ti-cgt-armllvm_3.2.1.LTS

Fixed Defects

ID Summary
MCAL-23488 Eth_VirtualMacapp: GHS compiler throws errors for flexible array variable
MCAL-23487 CDD_IPC: GHS compiler throws errors for flexible array variable
MCAL-23486 CDD_IPC: GHS compiler throws errors for implicit (void *) to uintptr_t coversions
MCAL-23166 ETH: CRC failure in CPSW Tx packets during the power cycle test
MCAL-23148 Some parameters are missing in Eth.epd file
MCAL-22094 MCU_CLKSRC_MAX is missing in the drop down of the configuration file,
MCAL-21766 Wrong symbolic name for MCU
MCAL-21039 ETH: Corruption of ethernet frame due to checksum info not cleared in descriptor for non IPv4, IPv6 frames
MCAL-20060 For WKUP_GPIO ,DIO channels from 32 to 42 are reserved
MCAL-19520 Isn't “flsBaudRateDiv” a configurable parameter ? but why do we have predefined macro assigned
MCAL-19128 fls_app interrupt configuration error on mcu2_1 XSPI EVMs in both release and debug mode
MCAL-16824 Possible type mismatches because of usage e.g. sint32 in combination with int32_t:
MCAL-16817 start count is not initialized before calculating elapsed count in API OSPI_flashExecCmd()
MCAL-15304 Reserved pins mismatch in DIO configuration file for WKUP_GPIO0
MCAL-11611 Icu Module Mandatory API defnition is Missing

Open Defects

ID Summary
MCAL-22600 “CAN_ISR_TEXT_SECTION” is being added before ISR API definition
MCAL-22599 In Can_PBcfg.c file CAN_START_SEC_ISR_CODE defined prior to CAN_STOP_SEC_CONFIG_DATA
MCAL-21765 Icu is including EcuM_Types.h directly, According to AUTOSAR, EcuM_Cbk.h shall be included:
MCAL-21452 Mcu_InitRamSection API is mandatory as per AUTOSAR Specification
MCAL-19406 “CanLPduReceiveCalloutFunction” feature is currently not supported
MCAL-15390 MCAL OSPI NOR Flash Driver - 4 bytes addressing mode not available in SDR conifguration
MCAL-12893 MCAL CSL_armR5CacheWb API not updated based on PDK-12218
MCAL-12871 SPI Driver: MCU2_1 Core Application Hung
MCAL-12556 MCU Reset not performed by SYSFW but direct register write instead
MCAL-9620 Spi_AsyncTransmit can not transmit more than 32 bytes
MCAL-8518 SPI_setupEB cannot support DMA transfers greater than 32-bits

Known Limitations

Module Remarks Workaround
CDD IPC CDD IPC Profile App not supported in this release User should use CDD IPC App for reference.
CDD IPC CDD IPC Linux App on mcu1_0 core not validated in this release User should use CDD IPC App Linux on mcu2_1 core for reference.


For technical support and additional assistance, visit E2E or contact local TI Field Application Engineer.