Ethernet Firmware Datasheet
EthFw Datasheet

Boot Time

The Ethernet Firmware boot time measurements in the table below show the current status in the TI Processor SDK for J721E/J7200/J784S4. The test setup is:

  • Hardware: TI Jacinto EVM with MAC-to-MAC connection to a second TI EVM.
  • Software: Ethernet Firmware running on Main R5F 0 core 0 at 1 GHz.

Note: It is worth noting that the reported boot time below is not optimized.

Function Description

Starting time is when Ethernet Firmware application is ready to run in main().

Using main() as starting point decouples these measurements from the EthFw binary loading mechanism.

Layer-2 switching active Time elapsed from main() till L2 switching is active.
  • Board and clocks initialization.
  • CPSW has been initialized.
  • One MAC port have been opened (MAC-to-MAC connection).
  • ALE has been configured to route packets at Layer-2.
  • Two MAC ports are linked (MAC-to-MAC connection).
Host port ready for RX/TX Time elapsed from main() till host port is ready for packet transmission and reception.
  • UDMA RX flow has been opened and host port is ready to receive packets.
  • UDMA TX channel has been opened and host port is ready to transmit packets.
TCP/IP stack initialized Time elapsed from main() till TCP/IP stack is initialized.
  • TCP/IP lwIP stack's netif up status callback reports (static) IP address.
gPTP stack initilized Time elapsed from main() till gPTP stack is initialized.
  • gPTP initialization routine is called.
  • This is not the convergence time to achieve time synchronization.
CPSW Proxy Server initialized Time elapsed from main() till CPSW Proxy Server is initialized.
  • ETHFW is ready to receive remote commands from virtual clients.
  • Excludes MPU1_0 late init, late announcement.

The time taken to reach each of the ETHFW boot stages described above is summarized in the following table.

Boot stage J721E J7200 J784S4
main() 0 ms 0 ms 0 ms
Layer-2 switching active 143.94 ms 188.96 ms 112.97 ms
Host port ready for RX/TX 58.54 ms 101.22 ms 29.91 ms
TCP/IP stack initialized 90.71 ms 127.87 ms 30.75 ms
gPTP stack initilized 230.21 ms 190.56 ms 94.39 ms
CPSW Proxy Server initialized 307.27 ms 222.49 ms 132.32 ms

This table doesn't take into account the time between power-on reset (POR) and the Firmware image loaded and made ready to run, as it will be bootloader dependent.

In a MAC-to-PHY scenario, the Layer-2 switching active time is heavily determined by the time taken by the Ethernet PHYs to establish a link with the remote partner. The total Layer-2 switching active time must take into account the link time corresponding to the PHY configuration being used.

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