The TI C6000 DSPLIB is an optimized DSP Function Library for C programmers. It includes many C-callable, optimized, general-purpose signal-processing routines. These routines are typically used in computationally-intensive real-time applications where optimal execution speed is critical. By using these routines, you can achieve execution speeds considerably faster than equivalent code written in standard ANSI C language. In addition, by providing ready-to-use DSP functions, TI DSPLIB can significantly shorten your DSP application development time.


Features and Benefits

The TI c66x DSPLIB contains commonly used digital signal processing routines, as well as source code that allows you to modify functions to match your specific needs.

  • ANSI C source code models
  • C-callable routines fully compatible with the TI C6000 compiler
  • Host library to enable PC based development and testing
  • CCS V5 projects to rebuild library or individual routines unit test.
  • Benchmarks
  • Tested against reference C model
  • Unit-test for each routines.


Software Routines

The rich set of software routines included in DSPLIB are organized into seven functional categories:

  1. Adaptive filtering
  2. Correlation
  3. Fast Fourier Transform
  4. Filtering and convolution
  5. Math
  6. Matrix
  7. Miscellaneous


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