DSPLIB Build Process


DSPLIB is provided with two methods for re-building libraries. For those familiar with TI's Code Composer Studio (Eclipse-based) IDE, we provide project for rebuilding library with relative ease. Likewise, many developers are more comfortable with the GNU Make utility. As such, we also provide Makefiles to re-build the DSPLIB library.


Code Composer Studio

This release of DSPLIB provides Code Composer Studio (CCS) Version 5 project to re-build library. This project is located in the packages/ti/dsplib/lib folder.

Follow the instructions at CCS Build Process for more details.


GNU Makefile

A GNU makefile is provided for rebuilding DSPLIB via the GNU make utility. This file is located in the packages/ti/dsplib folder. The makefile provides a list of all tools, common build utilities and build rules required for re-building DSPLIB binary.

Follow the instructions at GNU Make Build Process for more details.


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