Platform Development Kit (PDK) Introduction


  1. Introduction
  2. Licensing
  3. Documentation
  4. Trainings


The Texas Instruments Platform Development Kit (PDK) is a single scalable software driver package that offers streamlined development across different TI Processors. The PDK package contains Device Abstraction Layer libraries and peripheral/board level sample/demo examples that demonstrate the capabilities of the peripherals on TI platform for development, deployment and execution of applications.


Refer to PDK manifest [HTML].

Jacinto Documentation

PDK Jacinto User Guide User Guide, Release Notes, FAQ, How to Guides [HTML]
PDK Jacinto Data Sheet Data Sheet with performance numbers [HTML]
PDK Jacinto Static Analysis Report Static Analysis Report [XLSX]
PDK J721E API Guide API Guide [HTML]
PDK J721E Memory Statistics Memory Statistics [Folder]
PDK J721E Test Report Test Report [XLSX]
PDK J721E Binaries Tested Binaries Tested [Bin List]
PDK J721E Traceability Matrix Traceability Matrix [XLSX]


PDK Getting Started PDK Overview, Directory Structure [PPTX]
UDMA Overview UDMA HW and SW Overview, API Sequence [PPTX]
EDMA to UDMA Migration Migrating Applications from EDMA to UDMA using TI-RTOS Drivers [PDF]
DSS Overview DSS Modules and SW Overview [PPTX]
Time Sync Overview Time Sync Design Overview [PPTX]
J721E Interrupt Architecture Interrupt Architecture [PPTX]
J7 CSIRX Overview CSIRX Module and SW Overview, API and Application calling sequence [PPTX]
Ethernet LLD Introduction Introduction to the Ethernet LLD (Enet LLD) [PDF]

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