2.1. Release Notes - 08_02_00

2.1.1. Introduction

This release notes provides important information that will assist you in using the PDK software package for the Jacinto family of devices. This document provides the product information and known issues that are specific to the PDK software package.

New features added / supported is listed below and defects fixed are highlighted in Fixed Issues. Also please check Upgrade and Compatibility for backward compatibility

2.1.2. What’s New

ID Description Module Supported Platforms
PDK-10498 MCU only mode: IPC re-attached after MAIN domain restart IPC J721E
PDK-5377 SERDES sharing - support for configuring SERDES in R5-SBL SBL J721E
PDK-10808 Memory benchmark applications should be part of the standard SDK COMMON J721E, J7200

2.1.3. Upgrade and Compatibility FreeRTOS

  • By default all the tasks will be created with floating point context enabled; i.e, save/restore of FPU Registers will be performed during each task switch.
  • Until last release, this was not enabled and any task that required floating point hardware had to call portTASK_USES_FLOATING_POINT.

For more details, refer Task FPU context

2.1.4. Device Support

  • J721E EVM SR1.0 and SR1.1, J721E-HS EVM (BOARD=j721e_evm)

  • Associated TIFS versions:

    TIFS name J721E SR revision
    tifs.bin SR1.0 & SR1.1 GP
    tifs-hs-enc.bin SR1.0 HS
    tifs-sr1.1-hs-enc.bin SR1.1 HS

2.1.5. Validation Information

For details on the validated examples refer to the platform specific test report available here.

2.1.6. Tool Chain Information

Component Version
FreeRTOS Kernel 10.4.3
lwIP stack 2.1.2
lwIP-contrib 2.1.0
PRU code generation tools 2.3.3
GCC ARM code generation tools ARCH64 9.2-2019.12
CGT XML Processing Scripts 2.61.00
System Analyzer (UIA Target) 2_30_01_02
Component Version
TI C6x code generation tools 8.3.7
TI C7x code generation tools 2.1.1.LTS

2.1.7. Change Request

ID Head Line Original Fix Version New Fix Version
PDK-10708 PDK Support for XIP with ECC enabled 08.02.00 09.00.00
PDK-9473 Safety Compliance for SCICLIENT 08.02.00 08.06.00
PDK-9351 Example to configure Timer Manager module 08.02.00 09.00.00
PDK-5381 R5-SBL - Support to dump EEPROM to shared memory 08.02.00 08.06.00
PDK-9540 Defer DDR Register Write Verification to later stage 08.02.00 08.04.00
PDK-5365 Board: ECC support in BOARD OSPI Flash Driver 08.02.00 09.00.00
JACINTOREQ-2449 C7x/C66x SafeRTOS support descope 08.02.00 08.04.00
JACINTOREQ-2439 Ethernet: Defer CPSW EST and IET features in Enet LLD and EthFw 08.02.00 09.0x.00

2.1.8. Fixed Issues

ID Head Line Module Affected Versions Affected Platforms
PDK-10844 Conflicting library definitions for __mpu_init() when using Clang compiler CSL 08.01.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx
ETHFW-1904 Enet: High packet drop in iperf UDP test ENET 08.01.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx
PDK-11084 SBL should avoid hardcoding 0xBAD00000 in many places SBL 08.01.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx
PDK-11005 The number of McSPI instances are only 5 in SPI driver McSPI 08.01.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx
PDK-11011 IPC: Documentation is ambiguous w.r.t buffer size IPC 08.01.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx
PDK-11018 LPM module is incorrectly packaged in SDK8.1 LPM 08.01.00 J721E, J7200
PDK-11169 LPM module uses SBL_INVALID_CORE instead of SBL_INVALID_ID LPM 08.01.00 J721E, J7200
PDK-11233 XIP memory benchmarking app fails for J721e/J7200 CSL 08.01.00 J721E, J7200
PDK-11236 DDR dual core memory benchmarking app is not working for J721e/J7200 CSL 08.01.00 J721E, J7200
PDK-11452 XIP dual core memory benchmarking app is not working for J721e/J7200 CSL 08.01.00 J721E, J7200
PDK-6549 MCU2 core diagnostic tests not running through sbl BOARD 07.00.00 J721E
PDK-6548 Display port (eDP) diagnostic test failure BOARD 07.00.00 J721E
PDK-10533 MCU only mode: handler for TISCI_MSG_SYS_RESET should clear current owner from ACL for MAIN cores SCICLIENT 08.00.00 J721E
PDK-10537 [CSITX]: Infinite loop when initializing csitx driver, in lane ready function CSI2TX 07.03.00 J721E
PDK-10518 Incorrect bin file for encrypting binary image COMMON 07.03.00 J721E
PDK-10342 [DSSM2M] DSS M2M driver does not return error for unsupported format DSS 07.03.00 J721E
PDK-11007 Semaphore not deleted in capture driver CSI2RX 08.01.00 J721E
PDK-11008 Windows Build in SDK8.1 fails due to dependency on xdctools_3_61_04_40_core COMMON 08.01.00 J721E
PDK-11010 SBL: Combined boot image: Seeing seg-fault when including all 8 remote core images SBL 08.01.00 J721E
PDK-11015 OSAL: TimerP module restricts usage of up to max 4 DMTimer for R5Fs OSAL 08.01.00 J721E
PDK-11176 Memory Benchmarking App does not finish on MCU2_0 CSL 08.01.00 J721E

2.1.9. Known Issues

ID Head Line Module Reported in Release Affected Platforms Impact Workaround in this release
PDK-6975 Pulsar (R5F) : High priority interrupt is missed by VIM CSL, OSAL 07.00.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx Baremetal implementation is pending Use RTOS instead of baremetal
PDK-8320 ICSS V1 CSL not up to date with ICSSG CSL 07.00.00 J721E, AM65xx None Patch available. Will be included in next release
PDK-9676 UART : Potential interrupt storm UART 07.02.00 J7200, J721E Error interrupt resulting in hang. None
PDK-9696 [SPI] DMA mode does not work for SPI5 McSPI 07.01.00 J721E Cannot use DMA with SPI5 Disable DMA for SPI5 OR use another instance of SPI
PDK-9571 [SPI] Transfer stalls when transfer length is not multiple of FIFO length in DMA mode McSPI 07.02.00 J721E Cannot transfer data if data size is not multiple of FIFO length in DMA mode Use transfer size in multiple of FIFO length
PDK-8407 J721E: MCU Timer 0 is not usable from application (sysbios) with SBL OSAL, SBL 07.01.00 J721E None Use any other timer
PDK-8300 UDMA MCU NAVSS Channel Num 5 is not functional, when booting the application using the SBL bootloader. UDMA 07.01.00 J721E Low Impact. UDMA MCU NAVSS Channel 5 can’t be used when booting the application using the SBL bootloader. Use any other channel. In the defaultBoardCfg Channel no. 5 is not used. The issue will be seen only when the boardcfg is updated to use channel 5.
PDK-6789 MCU/Main NAVSS UDMA memcpy from L2SRAM fails UDMA 07.00.00 J721E Transfer works fine when source buffer, destination buffer and TRPD buffers are in L2SRAM. The issue happens only when the ring memory is in L2SRAM location Use ring memory from non-L2SRAM location
PDK-5228 Output mismatch when each region requiring 3 TRs VHWA 01.00.00 J721E In multi-region mode with more then 3 TR per region can’t be used In multi-region mode for each region less than 3 TR should be used
PDK-9528 SBL prebuild binary for J721E HS doesn’t work from package SBL 07.03.00 J721E-HS None Cleanup the SBL library and re-build the SBL image for HS. Commands: - Clean sbl_lib_uart (make sbl_lib_uart_clean) - Build for HS (make -sj sbl_uart_img_hs)
PDK-10292 Sciclient Firewall Testapp Fails on HS Device SCICLIENT 07.03.00 J721E-HS None None
PDK-10925 IPC Performance Test hangs after loading the binary IPC 08.01.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx The app won’t work for this release None
PDK-10314 [DSS]: Add support for lane speed for the DSI output DSS 07.03.00 J721E DSI driver cannot be used for different lane speeds None
PDK-11085 SPI instance should be decided by SPI driver and not Board Module OSPI 08.01.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx None None
PDK-11152 SPI driver does not support all instances with SPI_open McSPI 08.02.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx Customer cannot use all SPI instances supported by SoC None
PDK-11388 [SBL] SBL should not copy build folder contents to board folder during packaging SBL 08.01.00 J721E, J7200, AM65xx None None
PDK-11093 ACK/NACK is send for TISCI messages without AOP flag Sciclient 08.01.00 J721E, J7200 None None
PDK-11240 keywriter: smek gets generated even when argument not specified Security 08.01.00 J721E, J7200 None None
PDK-11227 UART instances 3-9 does not work on MAIN R5 in interrupt mode UART 08.01.00 J721E, J7200 User needs to add interrupt configuration None
PDK-11004 DMA Utils examples are broken with SDK UDMA 08.00.00 J721E None User can run example with FreeRTOS
PDK-11022 Sciclient_pmSetModuleClkFreq returns fail when called from SBL_SlaveCoreBoot for c66 SBL 08.00.00 J721E None None
PDK-11130 M2M colour space conversion from RGB24 to YUV420SP fails DSS 08.02.00 J721E None None
PDK-11158 CSL: Sierra SerDes Instance 1 Lane Control is Incorrect CSL 08.01.00 J721E None None
PDK-11238 DSS M2M testapp fails when run for scaling DSS 08.02.00 J721E None None
PDK-11270 Facing issue with resolution change in DSS_M2M node DSS 08.01.00 J721E None None
PDK-11457 MCU Only Mode: IPC attachment with remote cores fail LPM 08.02.00 J721E None None
PDK-11458 MCU Only Mode - Linux boot fails on A72 core LPM 08.02.00 J721E None None

2.1.10. Limitations PDK

  • PDK examples do not support SMP mode. Some of examples still support build in SMP mode but these binaries are not supported or validated.
  • TI Clang compiler does not enable O3 optimization level and Thumb2 mode which were enabled by default with TI ARM CGT compiler. This has an impact on driver throughput. E.g. Ethernet performance has reduced by ~20% on J721E ENET

  • lwIP stack integration doesn’t support checksum hardware-offload feature.