1. Overview

1.1. Introduction

Processor SDK RTOS (PSDK RTOS) and Processor SDK Linux (PSDK LINUX) together form a multi-processor software development kit for the J721S2 platform. The SDK provides a comprehensive set of software tools and components to help users develop and deploy their applications on supported SoCs.

Both PSDK LINUX and PSDK RTOS can be used together to implement various use cases in robotics, factory and building automation, and automotive ADAS systems. The block diagram of Processor SDK RTOS J721S2 is shown in below figure.


Fig. 1.2 PSDK RTOS Block Diagram


Refer SDK Components for more information about each individual component.

1.2. Licenses

The licensing information of this SDK, as well as any third-party components included which are made available under a number of other open-source licenses are enumerated as part of the manifest. A complete manifest along with export control information is detailed here [LINK].

1.3. Technical Support

For technical support and additional assistance, post a question on https://e2e.ti.com/support/processors/ or contact your local TI Field Application Engineer