TI J721E Imaging User Guide
Imaging User Guide

This user guide has information about using Imaging on J7 EVM platforms.

The main parts in Imaging are listed below

Imaging Module/Block Description
AEWB Node 2A (Auto Exposure & Auto White Balance) node compliant with TIOVX framework. The node interfaces with OpenVX Graph to recieve H3A buffer and returns the output of 2A algorithms to the graph.
AWB Algorithm Auto White Balance algorithm : computes color gains and estimates color temperature. Does not apply the results. The results are expected to be applied by VISS node
AE Algorithm Auto Exposure algorithm : computes sensor exposure time and analog gain. Does not apply the results. The results are expected to be applied by the sensor driver
DCC Parser Dynamic Camera Configuration Parser which derives tuning parameters from the tuning database provided by the application
Sensor Driver

Sensor driver has a common part and a sensor-specific part. Customers are not expected to modify the common part. However, the sensor specific part is extensible to add new sensors or modify the existing ones.

IQ tuning parameters for a given sensor are also specified inside sensor driver as a set of DCC XML files.

TIIMAGING References
Reference Description
Imaging Build Instructions Build Instructions
group_vision_function_imaging Imaging API


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