4.1.13. How to configure K3 MSMC memory for use as SRAM or L3 cache?ΒΆ

In Keystone devices, there exists on-chip memory at the MSMC interconnect. This can be configured either as SRAM or as L3 cache.

Automotive ADAS applications, which use C7x, benefit a lot when the MSMC memory is configured as SRAM. Alternatively, the CPU benchmark applications get performance boost when the memory is configured as cache.

Typically, MSMC memory needs to be split between SRAM and cache with the split boundary being aligned at 1MB. System firmware partitions SRAM between cache and SRAM at the bootup based on the board config data structure.

Rebuild the system firmware image (sysfw.itb) with right board config to change to desired behavior. Following are the steps to achieve this:

Modify the file soc/j721e/evm/board-cfg.c in system-firmware-image-gen repo from the installer.

/* boardcfg_msmc */
.msmc = {
        .subhdr = {
                .magic = BOARDCFG_MSMC_MAGIC_NUM,
                .size = sizeof(struct boardcfg_msmc),
        .msmc_cache_size = 0x0,

Here, the msmc_cache_size variable can take values from 0x0 to 0xf, where 0x0 describes zero cache and 0xf describes full cache. Note that due to hardware restriction, the total memory that gets configured as cache is rounded up to 1MB.

Following table describes an example of this for J721e platform.




All of MSMC memory (i.e. 8MB) configured as SRAM


2MB of MSMC memory configured as cache, rest 6MB is SRAM


3MB of MSMC memory configured as cache, rest 5MB is SRAM


All of MSMC memory (i.e. 8MB) configured as cache