CPSW Ethernet Introduction

The CPSW Ethernet Subsystem is capable of supporting MAC mode, Switch mode, VLAN and the standard TSN features such as PTP, EST, CBS and IET.


To operate in switch mode, at least two external ports are required. Instances of the CPSW Subsystem

The TI J721E family of devices contain the following instances of the CPSW Ethernet Subsystem:

  1. CPSW2g

  1. CPSWng

The CPSW2g instance is controlled by the am65-cpsw-nuss driver in Linux. For further details regarding the CPSW2g instance, refer CPSW2g Ethernet

The CPSWng instance can be configured to operate in two ways:
  1. CPSWng Virtual Client

  2. CPSWng Native Ethernet

For further details regarding the CPSWng instance, refer CPSWng Ethernet TSN Documentation and Testing

The CPSW Ethernet Subsystem supports TSN features in the following configurations:

  1. The CPSW2g instance supports MAC mode TSN features.

  1. The CPSWng Native Ethernet configuration of the CPSWng instance supports both MAC mode and Switch mode TSN features.

For further details regarding the TSN features and testing, refer TSN with CPSW