2.3. Yocto Layer Configuration

Processor SDK Linux J784s4 uses the ‘oe-layersetup’ tool to configure the meta layers. If you do not have the Linux SDK package installed:

git clone https://git.ti.com/git/arago-project/oe-layersetup.git yocto-build
cd yocto-build
./oe-layertool-setup.sh -f configs/processor-sdk-analytics/<Config File>

The Linux SDK package also has the above tool cloned at the top level. If you have it installed:

cd <SDK INSTALL DIR>/yocto-build
./oe-layertool-setup.sh -f configs/processor-sdk-analytics/<Config File>

Use below in place of <Config File>, to setup the meta layers for the current release version.


Config File

Supported yocto build machine

Processor SDK Linux J784s4 : 09_01_00 Release