2.1. Release Notes

2.1.1. Overview

The Processor Software Development Kit (Processor-SDK) for Linux provides a fundamental software platform for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications and includes the following:

  • Bootloaders, Linux Kernel & Filesystem
  • SDK installer
  • Setup scripts
  • Demo applications
  • Documentation


For building some of the RTOS-based demonstrations, you should also download Processor SDK RTOS installer. For more information, refer to <PSDKRA install path>/index.html.

2.1.2. Licensing

Please refer to the software manifest, which outlines the licensing status for all packages included in this release. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page or in the installed directory as indicated below. In addition, see Processor SDK Linux GPLv3 Disclaimer.

2.1.3. Documentation

  • Processor SDK Linux Software Developer’s Guide: Provides information on features, functions, delivery package and, compile tools for the Processor SDK Linux release. This also provides detailed information regarding software elements and software infrastructure to allow developers to start creating applications.
  • Processor SDK Linux Getting Started Guide: Provides information on getting the software and running examples/demonstrations bundled in the SDK.
  • Software Manifest: Provides license information on software included in the SDK release. This document is in the release at [INSTALL-DIR]/docs.
  • EVM Quick Start Guide: Provides information on hardware setup and running the demonstration application that is loaded on flash. This document is provided as part of the EVM kit.

2.1.4. Supported Platforms

See here for a list of supported platforms and links to more information.

2.1.5. Release 08.05.00

Released December 2022

What’s New

Processor SDK 8.5 Release supports the following platforms:

  • J721E
  • J7200
  • J721S2
  • J784S4

Processor SDK 8.5 Release has following new features:

  • Adds support for the J784S4 device family
  • JPEG Decode support on J721E
  • Authentication of firmware
  • Proper support for poweroff command
  • McSPI slave support
  • J7AEP stability progress (mostly Graphics)

2.1.6. Build Information U-Boot

Head Commit: 7996ed51f1c979cfdcb4bf4178dc35cf5e1f9778 j721e: j7200: serdes: evm: Switch to using R5/A72 config to configure serdes
Date: Thu Dec 1 20:58:54 CST 2022
uBoot Version: 2021.01
uBoot Description:
Clone: git://git.ti.com/ti-u-boot/ti-u-boot.git
uBoot Tag:
Compiler Information: aarch64-none-linux-gnu-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)) Kernel

Linux Kernel

Head Commit: 90c3a58fd297079d5fe3ebbaed1d1ff56191c953 Merged TI feature connectivity into ti-linux-5.10.y-cicd
Date: Tue Nov 29 17:55:39 CST 2022
Kernel Version: 5.10.153
Kernel Description:
Repo: git://git.ti.com/ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git
Branch: ti-linux-5.10.y
Kernel defconfig: ti_sdk_arm64_release_defconfig
Compiler Information: arm-none-linux-gnueabihf-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)) 9.2.1 20191025

Real Time (RT) Linux Kernel

Head Commit: f16ef0399346f5b34f5fbd2ca91a712ab844de57 Merge branch ‘ti-rt-linux-5.10.y-cicd’ into ti-rt-linux-5.10.y
Date: Thu Dec 1 21:13:45 CST 2022
Kernel Version: 5.10.153
Kernel Description:
Repo: git://git.ti.com/ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git
Branch: ti-rt-linux-5.10.y
Kernel defconfig: ti_sdk_arm64_rt_release_defconfig
Compiler Information: arm-none-linux-gnueabihf-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 9.2-2019.12 (arm-9.10)) 9.2.1 20191025


meta-psdkla Yocto layer contains additional patches for Linux Kernel here. Yocto


Head Commit: f8ddf45aca3fe5dd8b39bca8610b1e54a035eb5d linux-ti-staging-rt: RC Auto-Merger:
Date: 2022-11-22
Clone: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-ti
Branch: dunfell
Release Tag:


Head Commit: f798b7a60966528c8eec33b43546a744f545fc4e ltp-ddt: CI/CD Auto-Merger: cicd.2022.11.22.08:55:27
Date: 2022-11-22
Clone: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-arago
Branch: dunfell
Release Tag:


Head Commit: 06a6260f965ad7765581878c52b0bed894103847 ti-tisdk-makefile: Updating Warning msg when building HS=1 u-boot
Date: 2022-12-15
Clone: git://git.ti.com/jacinto-linux/meta-psdkla.git
Branch: master

2.1.7. Issues Tracker Issues opened in previous releases that were closed on this release

Record ID Title Platform
LCPD-28510 VDEC: Decoder gives cmalloc errors j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-28625 J7AHP: Add the missing UART instances clock/dev data j784s4-evm
LCPD-28243 core-image-minimal build fails for j7200-evm with rm_work enabled j7200-evm
LCPD-28108 J7200: cadence-mhdp-fw recipe should be machine dependent on j721e-evm only j7200-evm
LCPD-28509 WAVE5: MultiStream Decode/Encode > 2 channel fails j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-28256 Wave5: H264/265 Encoded file produces extra green garbage data on width j721s2-evm
LCPD-28255 Wave5: Decode fails for Dynamic resolution change in input stream j721s2-evm
LCPD-28254 Wave5: Decode deosnot work for videotestsrc with pattern source j721s2-evm
LCPD-25332 J721e Failing Video test j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-28325 kernel crashes if CONFIG_DEBUG_FS is not set am62xx-hsevm,am62xx-sk,am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,am654x-evm,am654x-idk,am654x-hsevm,j7am-evm,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm
LCPD-24142 J721e: Issue with OSPI probe in kernel when booting from OSPI boot mode j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-28387 J721e/J7200/J721s2: Add the missing UART instances clock/dev data j721e-evm,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm
LCPD-28349 j721s2-evm: no support in k3conf j721s2-evm
LCPD-28246 J7200/J7VCL: Linux crash when we cat pinctrl debugfs node j7200-evm
LCPD-26728 J721e: Watchdog reset fails on newer SoMs j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk
LCPD-25670 tisdk-tiny-image does not boot for J721S2/J784S4 j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-25317 A72 SPL: A72 SPL memcpy sluggish with 8.0/8.1 SDK j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-25075 J721E: revE8 SoM board doesn’t boot consistently j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-28502 MMC I/O latency is causing audio UNDERRUN issues j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-24125 j721e-idk-gw all LE play + record tests fail (Impact 7.0) j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-16911 Linux performance guide: Crypto benchmark numbers: fix unit and accompanying description j721e-evm,j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-28259 Wave5: V4l2 driver Multi stream support j721s2-evm
LCPD-28257 Wave5: Video looping does not work with H264/265 Decoder j721s2-evm
LCPD-28465 Automated test failure - KICKSYNC SYNCCONTEXTLOOP failed due to change in command line arguments j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm
LCPD-16366 RGX kick test fails when 32 sync dependencies are set for each command j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-28403 SDK: Crypto node cleanup across TI SOCs am64xx-evm,am654x-evm,j721e-evm,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-27948 TSN: PTP test fails with J7200 in switch mode (acting as a transparent clock) j7200-evm
LCPD-25564 J721s2-evm: CPSW2g: interface goes up and down sporadically am62xx-sk,j721s2-evm
LCPD-25469 j721e USB OTG HOST regressions on eptf126 j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-24677 j721e-idk-gw PCI WIFI Tests Fail due to iperf issues(Impact 1) am62xx-sk,j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-28206 j721: sdhci0: Capabilities offered in U-Boot Vs Kernel dts are different j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-24511 ARM: A72/53 L1 data cache and L2 cache set counts wrong am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm
LCPD-22861 Missing documentation for HS devices j721e-hsevm
LCPD-28258 Wave5: Kernel crash during encode usecase j721s2-evm Issues found and closed on this release that may be applicable to prior releases

Record ID Title Platform
LCPD-29625 j721e hangs during boot after IPC tests reconfigures firmware j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-28795 J7AHP : xSPI boot enable DMA j784s4-evm
LCPD-28663 Pauses in video being displayed when input video is read from SD card j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-29696 SERDES driver not being probed in U-Boot j721e-evm,j7200-evm
LCPD-29302 J721S2: CSI2RX: stream broken with update in DPHY Common module reset logic j721s2-evm
LCPD-28927 J7200: MCSPI: Data mismatch between the master & slave(J7200) when cpu is heavily loaded j7200-evm
LCPD-28889 j721s2: GPIO Interrupts are broken j721s2-evm
LCPD-29639 DSS tests failing due to FPS mismatch j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk
LCPD-28762 GLMark2 visual errors around fragmentation shader tests am62xx-hsevm,am62xx-sk,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-29732 SDK: MDIO: DaVinci driver probe incorrectly deferred j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-29477 j721e-idk-gw PCI WIFI Tests Fail due to iperf issues(Impact 1) am62xx-sk,j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-29419 J721s2-evm: u-boot: CPSW2g: interface goes up and down sporadically am62xx-sk,j721s2-evm
LCPD-28756 J7AHP - Enable ultra high speed mode for SDIO/MMC j784s4-evm
LCPD-29534 kernels in arago-dunfell RT directory are not an RT-Kernels am62xx-hsevm,am62xx-lp-sk,am62xx-sk,am64xx-sk,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-29524 j721: sdhci0: Capabilities offered in U-Boot Vs Kernel dts are different j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-29284 Fix ti,sci-inta, ti,sci-intr and mmc dtbs_check am62xx-sk,am64xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm
LCPD-28765 J7200: U-boot R5 SPL build triggers warning due to duplicate config definitions j7200-evm Errata Workarounds Available in this Release

Record ID Platform Title
LCPD-19965 am64xx-evm,am654x-idk,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm OSPI PHY Controller Bug Affecting Read Transactions
LCPD-19047 j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw USB: Race condition while reading TRB from system memory in device mode
LCPD-17220 j721e-idk-gw U-Boot Hyperbus: Hyperflash reads limited to 125MHz max. frequency
LCPD-16605 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw MMC: MMC1/2 Speed Issue
LCPD-22544 j7200-evm DDR: LPDDR4 should be configured to 2666 MT/S
LCPD-19068 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw DSS: Disabling a layer connected to Overlay may result in synclost during the next frame U-Boot Known Issues

Record ID Platform Title Workaround
LCPD-29402 am64xx-evm,j7200-evm tftp download in U-Boot fails on am64xx-evm1@eptf124  
LCPD-25263 j721s2-evm j721s2-evm: U-Boot USBHOST: Superspeed test is failing  
LCPD-22512 j721e-evm,j7200-evm Update dfu_alt_info_ospi to include flashing of PHY tuning data  
LCPD-17789 j721e-idk-gw UBOOT J7: Could not see UFS device by scsi scan  
LCPD-24824 j7200-evm J7200/VCL: u-boot SPL code configuring the SOC DDR PLL (PLL12) incorrectly. Desired boot frequency is 27.5 MHz  
LCPD-22904 j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm U-boot: Update EMIFtool for i2244:DDR: Valid stop value must be defined for write DQ VREF training  
LCPD-17523 j721e-evm,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm A72-SPL - Support to dump EEPROM to shared memory  
LCPD-29743 j721e-evm,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm u-boot ums does not work stably  
LCPD-24108 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw U-Boot: TISCI config ring fail traces seen in OSPI boot mode on J721E  
LCPD-29852 j784s4-evm j784s4-evm: SD card not recognized in U-Boot when booting over UART Linux Known Issues

Record ID Platform Title Workaround
LCPD-29636 j784s4-evm TDA4VH: multi thread mutex usage causes kernel crash  
LCPD-28142 am62xx-sk,j784s4-evm Automated performance testing - spec2k6 benchmark test broken  
LCPD-28317 j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm GStreamer pipeline with decoder and fakesink causes kernel crash  
LCPD-27522 j721e-idk-gw Multi Stream decode fails  
LCPD-25598 j721s2-evm Wave5: Dynamic SRAM configuration in upstream driver  
LCPD-29521 j721e-evm,j784s4-evm R5 remote proc load does’nt guarentee CPU0 vs CPU1 sequencing  
LCPD-28791 j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm AHP GFX performance regression compaired to AEP  
LCPD-28511 j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm GPU cache coherency issues  
LCPD-24589 am335x-evm,am57xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw no new usb reported on host after g_multi  
LCPD-19497 j7200-evm J7200: CPSW2g: interface goes up and down sporadically Seen only on very few EVMs. No workaround.
LCPD-17814 j721e-idk-gw Kingston 16G card could not boot to uboot prompt  
LCPD-29737 j7200-evm J7200: Watchdog reset test fails  
LCPD-29714 j721e-idk-gw iperf hangs during crypto performance testing  
LCPD-29705 j7200-evm J7200: DT compile time warnings  
LCPD-29554 j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm EEPROM Header Unidentified Board  
LCPD-29525 j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm Documentation for MCAN missing in the SDK  
LCPD-28645 j721e-idk-gw k3conf wrong frequencies  
LCPD-29599 j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm Stream_1 benchmark executable missing  
LCPD-24720 j721e-idk-gw Order 4 SR1.1 j721e-idk-boards and replace SR1.0 boards in the farm  
LCPD-24686 j721e-idk-gw j721e-idk-gw: ETH-CPSW2G test fail due to wrong return code  
LCPD-24648 am335x-evm,am572x-idk,am64xx-evm,dra71x-evm,j721e-evm,j7200-evm Move dma-heaps-test and ion-tests to TI repositories  
LCPD-24629 j721e-idk-gw j721e-idk-gw Weston Keyboard Test Capability Gap NR (Impact 1)  
LCPD-24597 j721e-idk-gw j721e-idk-gw PCI_PERF tests report bad numbers (Impact 2)  
LCPD-20331 am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk,j7200-evm Farm: j7200-evm/k3-am642-evm/k3-am642-sk DT blob has to be passed manually  
LCPD-17398 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw J7 Beta board hangs and cannot power cycle via automation interface  
LCPD-16909 dra7xx-evm,j721e-evm,j721e-idk-gw Linux performance guide: CPU load is not captured, incorrect throughput numbers for ethernet  
LCPD-24619 j721e-idk-gw Bitbake fails in different timezone  
LCPD-29721 j721e-evm,j721e-idk-gw SDK: Linux: Kernel crashes with Intel PCIe WiFi Card  
LCPD-29680 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm vxe_enc_probe warning observed while booting with debug options enabled  
LCPD-29634 j721s2-evm Need to include codec maximum capabilities in SDK documentation  
LCPD-29320 j721e-idk-gw The H.264 profile in the IMG video encoder driver is hardcoded to Base profile.  
LCPD-25619 j721s2-evm Wave5: Encoded output, mplayer warnings  
LCPD-24475 j721e-idk-gw Performance of H.265 decoder is poor  
LCPD-17138 j721e-idk-gw Kernel warning reported during h264 video encode operations  
LCPD-28946 j721e-evm,j7200-evm remoteproc hangs during booting sporadically  
LCPD-25322 j7200-evm Docs: J7200: Improve the IPC chapter for ti-rpmsg-char  
LCPD-25321 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw Docs: J721E: Improve the IPC chapter for ti-rpmsg-char  
LCPD-24456 am335x-evm,am335x-hsevm,am335x-ice,am335x-sk,am43xx-epos,am43xx-gpevm,am43xx-hsevm,am437x-idk,am437x-sk,am571x-idk,am572x-idk,am574x-idk,am574x-hsidk,am57xx-evm,am57xx-beagle-x15,am57xx-hsevm,am62axx-sk,am62xx-hsevm,am62xx-sk,am62xx-vlab,am62xx-zebu,am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,am654x-evm,am654x-idk,am654x-hsevm,beaglebone,bbai,beaglebone-black,dra71x-evm,dra71x-hsevm,dra72x-evm,dra72x-hsevm,dra76x-evm,dra76x-hsevm,dra7xx-evm,dra7xx-hsevm,j7ae-evm,j7ae-zebu,j7aep-zebu,j7am-evm,j7am-vlab,j7am-zebu,j7amp-vlab,j7amp-zebu,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j721e-vlab,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm,j7amp-evm,k2e-evm,k2e-hsevm,k2g-evm,k2g-hsevm,k2g-ice,k2hk-evm,k2hk-hsevm,k2l-evm,k2l-hsevm,omapl138-lcdk Move IPC validation source from github to git.ti.com  
LCPD-17284 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw remoteproc/k3-r5: Cores are started out-of-order when core 0 file size >> core 1 file size  
LCPD-16545 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw remoteproc/k3-r5f: PDK IPC echo_test image fails to boot up in remoteproc mode on second run  
LCPD-16535 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw remoteproc/k3-dsp: PDK IPC echo test binaries fails to do IPC in remoteproc mode on second run  
LCPD-25662 am62xx-sk,j721e-evm,j7200-evm Remove SGX PVR tools from KS3 devices  
LCPD-25221 j721e-idk-gw
j721e-idk-gw failing Glmark2-DRM Test (Impact 1)
LCPD-22972 j721e-idk-gw j721e-idk-gw GLBenchmark GLB25_EgyptTestStandardOffscreen_inherited test  
LCPD-22921 j721e-idk-gw j721e PVR profiling with PVRPerfServer test is failing  
LCPD-19894 j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm UYVY texture test fails due to internal data stream error  
LCPD-19716 j721e-idk-gw GFX_XS_FUNC_UYVY_TEXTURE test fails  
LCPD-24127 am654x-evm,j721e-idk-gw AM654x IPSEC Software Crypto tests fail (Impact 4)  
LCPD-28485 j7200-evm j7200: Segmentation fault during reload PCIe driver.  
LCPD-28433 j721s2-evm PCIe EP: DMA test fail  
LCPD-28087 j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw emmc: using RPMB panicks the TA on High speed mode  
LCPD-25304 j721s2-evm J7AEP: USB: USB 3.0 devices not getting enumerated in high speed  
LCPD-25112 am64xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw Ethernet driver not gating its clock when interface is down  
LCPD-24798 am654x-evm,am654x-idk,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm j721e-idk-gw, j7200-evm UART tests fail (Impact 3.0)  
LCPD-24725 j721e-idk-gw PCIE RC Link fails when linux prints are made quiet  
LCPD-24690 am62xx-sk,am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm Kernel: SDK: Set HIGH_SPEED_EN for MMC1 instance  
LCPD-24595 am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j7200-evm j721e-idk-gw USB Suspend/Resume with RTC Wakeup fail (Impact 1)  
LCPD-24491 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm Docs: MMC/SD supported modes not documented properly for J721E/J7200  
LCPD-22905 am654x-evm,j721e-idk-gw UDMA: TR15 hangs if ICNT0 is less than 64 bytes  
LCPD-22413 j7200-evm Hyperflash tests fail ~50% of the time on j7200  
LCPD-20240 j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk MMC Modular testcase regression  
LCPD-19659 j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm Doc: PCIe: Update documentation to indicate how to move to compliance mode  
LCPD-19499 j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm Kernel: OSPI write throughput is less than 1MB/s  
LCPD-19084 j721e-idk-gw Few SD cards not enumerating in Kernel with Alpha EVM  
LCPD-17794 j721e-idk-gw ext4write failed to write firmware to SD card  
LCPD-17421 j721e-idk-gw CPSW9G: Can’t bring up interface over NFS  
LCPD-17172 j721e-idk-gw Uboot USBhost: Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 msc stick could not be detected at second time  
LCPD-17171 j721e-idk-gw Uboot dhcp occasionally failed  
LCPD-17113 j721e-idk-gw [Cpsw9g][VirtualDriver][VirtualMAC] rpmsg_kdrv_switch is not autoloaded  
LCPD-16640 j721e-idk-gw PCIe RC: GIC ITS misbehaves when more than 4 devices use it simultaneously  
LCPD-16396 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw J721E: RC: Unsupported request in configuration completion packets results in an abort Workaround for Multifunction: Configure all the physical functions supported by the endpoint. For configuring all the 6 functions of PCIe controller instance ‘1’ in J721E, the following can be used. mount -t configfs none /sys/kernel/config; cd /sys/kernel/config/pci_ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func1; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func1/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func1/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func1/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func1/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func1 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func2; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func2/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func2/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func2/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func2/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func2 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func3; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func3/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func3/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func3/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func3/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func3 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func4; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func4/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func4/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func4/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func4/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func4 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func5; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func5/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func5/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func5/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func5/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func5 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func6; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func6/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func6/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func6/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func6/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func6 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; echo 1 > controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/start; echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:00.0/remove; echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/rescan; Workaround for switch card: No workarounds available.
LCPD-16031 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw J721e: PCIe: Legacy interrupts do not work  
LCPD-29740 j721e-idk-gw j721e-idk-gw: EMMC_DD_RW_500M test fail  
LCPD-29729 j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm j721e-idk-gw, j7200-evm MMC_M_MODULAR_SDHC_MULTI tests fail  
LCPD-29648 j7200-evm Failure logs during boot: Failed unmounting /var/lib & /var/volatile  
LCPD-29647 j7200-evm Non-fatal failure logs seen during system boot up  
LCPD-29646 am62xx-sk,j721e-idk-gw Failure logs during boot: Failed to get MSI domain  
LCPD-29645 j784s4-evm MMC: SD Card doesn’t go into SDR104 mode  
LCPD-29644 j784s4-evm MMC: SD Card doesn’t go into DDR50 mode  
LCPD-29528 am62xx-sk,am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,am64xx-hssk,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm,j784s4-evm k3: integration: sdk: missing tag info for optee and atf projects  
LCPD-28861 j721e-evm,j7200-evm J721e/j7200: MCU/WKUP UART as console. The output gets garbled after sysfw/dm load  
LCPD-28250 j721s2-evm J7AEP: QSPI Write corrupted when the first operation after powerup is erase  
LCPD-25692 j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm linux needs to identify J7ES PG1.1 correctly  
LCPD-25686 j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm k3conf needs to identify J7ES PG1.1 correctly  
LCPD-25262 j721s2-evm j721s2-evm : cpuhotplug06 fails  
LCPD-25195 j721s2-evm j721s2-evm: audio device is not found  
LCPD-23010 j721e-idk-gw j721e-idk-gw stress boot test files  
LCPD-22715 j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j721s2-evm,am62xx-evm i2232: DDR: Controller postpones more than allowed refreshes after frequency change

Workaround 1: Disable dynamic frequency change by programing DFS_ENABLE = 0


Workaround 2: If switching frequency, program the register field values as follows:

if (old_freq/new_freq >= 7) {
   if (PBR_EN==1) {  // Per-bank refresh is enabled
         AREF_CMD_MAX_PER_TREF = 8
   else {  // Per-bank refresh is disabled
         AREF_CMD_MAX_PER_TREF = 8
} else {
LCPD-22319 am64xx-evm,j7200-evm OpenSSL performance test data out of bounds  
LCPD-20653 am335x-evm,am43xx-gpevm,am654x-idk,j721e-idk-gw ltp: kernel syscall tests fail  
LCPD-19792 j721e-idk-gw j721e boot fails sometimes due to EL1 exception  
LCPD-18860 am654x-evm,am654x-idk,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm isolcpus in the command line is not honored  
LCPD-18684 am57xx-evm,am654x-evm,j721e-idk-gw syscalls sync failures: fdatasync03, fsync04, sync03, syncfs01, sync_file_range02  
LCPD-18258 am654x-evm,j721e-idk-gw IPSEC perfomance failures  
LCPD-17798 am654x-evm,am654x-idk,j7am-evm,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-vlab,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm 2020 LTS: INTA/INTR smp_affinity failure and IRQ allocation issues.  
LCPD-17543 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw Some cpuhotplug tests failed  
LCPD-24502 j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw j721e-evm-ivi Universal Planes fails (Impact 1)  
LCPD-19068 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw DSS: Disabling a layer connected to Overlay may result in synclost during the next frame  
LCPD-17017 j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw J7: DSS underflows seen on various use cases  
LCPD-25583 j721e-idk-gw H264 Encode followed by decode not working for all resolutions in Gstreamer  
LCPD-16531 j721e-idk-gw video decode: vxd_dec warnings displayed at end of gstreamer hevc playback to kmssink for certain video  
LCPD-25663 am62xx-sk,j721e-evm,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm Remove old IMG demo binaries  
LCPD-22513 j721e-evm,j7200-evm Update SDK doc to include OSPI flashing instruction using dfu-util  
LCPD-18790 j721e-idk-gw eMMC tests failed on J7 rev E2 EVM  
LCPD-29755 j721e-idk-gw j721e-idk-gw : Can Transmission and Reception Tests Fail  
LCPD-29596 j721e-idk-gw J721E: USBHOST: All boot attempts failed  
LCPD-19743 j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm Packages.gz is missing  
LCPD-19739 am654x-idk,j7200-evm AM65 shutdown error  
LCPD-29781 j721s2-evm CPU is hitting 100% when using gst-launch for both encode and decode  
LCPD-29620 j721e-idk-gw IMG Decoder not passing ITU-T Streams  
LCPD-26692 am335x-evm,am43xx-gpevm,am57xx-evm,am64xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw Hardware + Software IPSec Performance Test Failures  
LCPD-22339 j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm PCI-E USBCARD, ETHCARD don’t indicate 2-lane support with lspci  
LCPD-29699 j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk J721E tidss fails to keep in sync with displays requesting resolutions > 2k Linux RT Kernel Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release in the Linux RT Kernel.

2.1.8. Change Requests SDK features descoped from 8.5 release

ID Head Line Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-5060 Jacinto networking requirements - CR to 8.6 08.05.00 08.06.00
JACINTOREQ-4991 Jacinto Baseport, Graphics, Multimedia CR to 8.6 08.05.00 08.06.00
JACINTOREQ-4934 CSI Capture Automated Testing for J7AEP 08.05.00 08.06.00
JACINTOREQ-4928 J7AEP Multimedia Scope Modify 08.05.00 08.06.00 SDK features descoped from 8.4 release

ID Head Line Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-4905 J7AEP Graphics Scope Modify 08.04.00 08.05.00/08.06.00
JACINTOREQ-4898 SERDES: PCIe + USB schedule update 08.04.00 08.05.00
JACINTOREQ-4864 4k Resolution Scope change 08.04.00 08.05.00
JACINTOREQ-4854 McASP Scope Change 08.04.00 08.05.00
JACINTOREQ-4930 k3conf Doc and Test Modify 08.04.00 08.05.00

2.1.9. Installation and Usage

The Software Developer’s Guide provides instructions on how to setup your Linux development environment, install the SDK and start your development. It also includes User’s Guides for various Example Applications.

2.1.10. Host Support

For the specific supported hosts for current SDK, see this page.


Processor SDK Installer is 64-bit, and installs only on 64-bit host machine.