6.1.14. SYSFW Trace ParserΒΆ

This chapter gives details on how a helper script packaged in the SDK can be used to parse the TISCI trace data. For more details on the TIFS trace refer to Trace chapter of TISCI documentation.

SDK packages a SYSFW trace parser utility (bin/sysfw_trace_parser.py) which helps in parsing the hex strings that are output in UART when trace is enabled.

Usage of this tool is described below. Current version of trace (Option -Tv) is 0x03006.

usage: ./sysfw_trace_parser.py [-h] (-l LOG_FILE | -d SERIAL_PORT)
                               (-o OUTPUT_FILE | -O) [-Tv TRACE_DATA_VERSION]
                               [-t] [-r RULES_FILE] [-Pm]

Required arguments - Choose one of the inputs:
  -l LOG_FILE, --log_file LOG_FILE
                        Log File provided as input (default: None)
  -d SERIAL_PORT, --serial_port SERIAL_PORT
                        Provide Device as input: Requires pyserial package
                        installed: See https://pyserial.readthedocs.io/
                        (default: None)

Required arguments - Choose one of the outputs:
  -o OUTPUT_FILE, --output_file OUTPUT_FILE
                        Parse out the output to a file (default: None)
  -O, --output_console  Log File to parse and report results to console
                        (default: False)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Trace data version input in form "0xYYZZZ" where YY is
                        the major and ZZZ is the minor version. A trace data
                        version found in the log will override this input
                        (default: None)
  -t, --time_stamp_relative
                        Add TimeStamp to output in relative milliseconds(this
                        is approximation ONLY) (default: False)
  -r RULES_FILE, --rules_file RULES_FILE
                        Alternate Rules file (default: /home/vishallocal/SYSFW
  -Pm, --print_match_only
                        Print just decoded data, (default: False)

This script can also be called as a python module with the same arguments as
the CLI. from sysfw_trace_parser import * sysfw_cli_job(args_arr=["-l",