Booting over Ethernet (Ethernet RGMII)

This section documents how to configure the DHCP/BOOTP server to load bootloaders on to AM62Ax family of SoCs in Ethernet RGMII Boot mode. Booting U-Boot from the network

AM62Ax family of SoCs supports loading SPL and U-Boot over the network using DHCP/BOOTP protocol. The DHCP server replying to DHCP/BOOTP requests from the SoC must provide filename to be fetched over TFTP for each stage depending on the Vendor-Class-Identifier (VCI) DHCP field specified in the request. VCI DHCP field is filled out by the ROM and subsequent stages and corresponding binaries files to be sent over TFTP are listed in the table below.

A walk through of these steps to setup isc-dhcp-server on Ubuntu can be found at here.