2.3. Migration Guide


This page covers migration information for applications built on top of the Processor SDK Linux AM62A.

2.3.1. Processor SDK Linux AM62A 09.xx Releases Processor SDK 09.00

  • This is the first release in the 2023 LTS stream 6.1 kernel, 2023.04 U-Boot and Yocto Kirkstone/4.0

  • ATF 2.8+

  • OPTEE 3.20

  • Yocto Kirkstone/4.0

  • Platforms Supported : AM62A (HS-FS, HS-SE)


  • For U-Boot builds, k3-image-gen and core-secdev-k3 are no longer needed as binman is used instead. Please refer to U-Boot build instructions for the updated steps.

  • For Linux builds, generic defconfig is used instead of custom fragments. Please refer to linux users guide for build instructions.

2.3.2. Processor SDK Linux AM62A 08.xx Releases Processor SDK 08.06

  • This is the first release of Processor SDK Linux AM62A on 2021 LTS 5.10 kernel, 2021.01 U-Boot

  • ATF 2.8+

  • OPTEE 3.20

  • Yocto Dunfell/3.1

  • Platforms Supported : AM62A (HS-FS, HS-SE) with default boot on HS-FS