2.1. Release Notes

2.1.1. Overview

The Processor Software Development Kit (Processor-SDK) for Linux provides a fundamental software platform for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications and includes the following:

  • Bootloaders, Linux Kernel & Filesystem
  • SDK installer & Prebuilt Binaries
  • Setup scripts
  • Demo applications
  • Documentation

2.1.2. Licensing

Please refer to the software manifest, which outlines the licensing status for all packages included in this release. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page or in the installed directory as indicated below. In addition, see Processor SDK Linux GPLv3 Disclaimer.

2.1.3. Documentation

  • Processor SDK Linux Software Developer’s Guide: Provides information on features, functions, delivery package and, compile tools for the Processor SDK Linux release. This also provides detailed information regarding software elements and software infrastructure to allow developers to start creating applications.
  • Processor SDK Linux Getting Started Guide: Provides information on getting the software and running examples/demonstrations bundled in the SDK.
  • Software Manifest: Provides license information on software included in the SDK release. This document is in the release at [INSTALL-DIR]/manifest.
  • EVM Quick Start Guide: Provides information on hardware setup and running the demonstration application that is loaded on flash. This document is provided as part of the EVM kit.

2.1.4. Supported Platforms

See here for a list of supported platforms and links to more information.

2.1.5. Release 09.00.00

Released July 2023

What’s New

Processor SDK 9.0 Release supports the following platforms:

  • J721E
  • J7200
  • J721S2
  • J784S4
  • AM68
  • AM69

Processor SDK 9.0 Release has following new features:

  • This is the first release in the 2023 LTS stream 6.1 kernel, 2023.04 U-Boot and Yocto Kirkstone/4.0
  • ATF 2.8+
  • OPTEE 3.20
  • Yocto Kirkstone/4.0
  • BinMan integration in uboot

2.1.6. Build Information U-Boot

Head Commit: 756ba776d4615cf9bc64b3b3c62352938244a94f configs: j7*_evm_a72_defconfig: Enable DFU_ALT_INFO dynamic override
Date: Thu Jul 13 00:45:25 2023 +0530
uBoot Version: 2023.04
uBoot Description:
Clone: git://git.ti.com/ti-u-boot/ti-u-boot.git
Branch: ti-u-boot-2023.04
uBoot Tag:
Compiler Information: aarch64-none-linux-gnu-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 11.3.0)


meta-psdkla Yocto layer contains additional patches for U-Boot here. Kernel

Linux Kernel

Head Commit: 8f7f371be250809e9c4af879cfa31d5f1839257d HACK: arm64: dts: ti: k3-am68-sk-base-board: Disable DSI
Date: Thu Jul 13 16:29:37 2023 +0530
Kernel Version: 6.1.33
Kernel Description:
Repo: git://git.ti.com/ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git
Branch: ti-linux-6.1.y
Kernel defconfig: defconfig + ti_arm64_prune.config
Compiler Information: arm-none-linux-gnueabihf-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 11.3.0)

Real Time (RT) Linux Kernel

Head Commit: 886714a557fc02fabdd121117fae14878cb9d3f3 Merge branch ‘ti-linux-6.1.y-cicd’ into ti-rt-linux-6.1.y-cicd
Date: Thu Jul 13 20:33:28 2023 -0500
Kernel Version: 6.1.33
Kernel Description:
Repo: git://git.ti.com/ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git
Branch: ti-rt-linux-6.1.y
Kernel defconfig: defconfig + ti_rt.config + ti_arm64_prune.config
Compiler Information: arm-none-linux-gnueabihf-gcc (GNU Toolchain for the A-profile Architecture 11.3.0)


meta-psdkla Yocto layer contains additional patches for Linux Kernel here. Yocto


Head Commit: 474af844b0e808f5401ab0b89e59d1ade39f3d16 linux-ti-staging_6.1: CI/CD Auto-Merger: cicd.kirkstone.202307132041
Date: 2023-07-13
Clone: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-ti
Branch: kirkstone
Release Tag:


Head Commit: 4d7741adb72c626d05b845867c72f157b64d5944 vulkan-loader: alternative link for qt demos
Date: 2023-07-13
Clone: git://git.yoctoproject.org/meta-arago
Branch: kirkstone
Release Tag:


Head Commit: f9dcc7e5da71de3d6a745c051ae6b67e7ba58ee2 ti-apps-launcher: PSDK Auto-Merger: 20230728_1554
Date: 2023-07-28
Clone: git://git.ti.com/jacinto-linux/meta-psdkla.git
Branch: kirkstone
Release Tag:

2.1.7. Issues Tracker Issues opened in previous releases that were closed on this release

Record ID Title Platform
LCPD-32794 j7200: wkup_pmx: Offsets of the pinctrl nodes under the wkup_pmx2 are wrong j7200-evm
LCPD-32784 Automated Test: J784S4: CPSW Ping fails j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-32753 Upstream: jacinto: Convert env to plain text j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk
LCPD-32726 Test: U-Boot: Support Octal SPI(OSPI) flash devices (AHP) RC 6 SDK 8.6 j784s4-evm
LCPD-32725 CSI to use bcdma j784s4-evm
LCPD-32722 RC 8.6 test triage Linux SDK VENC: Performance - 1x 1080p60 [Failing on AHP] j784s4-evm
LCPD-32718 GPIO_S_FUNC_EDGE_ALL_BANK and GPIO_S_FUNC_DIR_IN_ALL_BANK Test failing in SDK 8.6 j784s4-evm
LCPD-32709 Test: QSPI tests are failing on J721E j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-32700 Test: MCSPI loopback tests failing for all J7 Platforms j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-32660 J721S2: U-boot shows a ti_sci message not acknowledged warning. j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs
LCPD-32655 J784S4: CTRL MMR IO PADCONFIG size is incorrect for wakeup domain am69_sk-fs,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-32609 J784S4: Not detecting resolution>2k j784s4-evm
LCPD-32558 MCAN External Loopback Fails on AM69 SK am69_sk-fs
LCPD-32538 J7AHP: Linux crash when we cat pinctrl debugfs node j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-32531 OV5640: Failed to load AM68 SK OV5640 camera overlay am68_sk-fs
LCPD-32487 J721S2: CTRL MMR IO PADCONFIG size is incorrect for wakeup domain am68_sk-fs,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs
LCPD-32471 J7200: CPSW5G Virtual Eth Driver Performance Measurement j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm
LCPD-32455 AM69_SK:DT binary file for Fusion Board is missing in the Jenkins build am69_sk-fs
LCPD-32445 AM68 SK: Board fails to boot during the cold boot. am68_sk-fs
LCPD-32365 J7200: Audit pinmux node for correct sizes j7200-evm
LCPD-32363 ATF: Address ARM Errata 854172 j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-32330 Kernel panic caused by H264 decoder crash j721e-sk
LCPD-32279 k3conf reports J7ES silicon rev version incorrectly j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-29949 [PROD STOP]I2c operations at 100KHz is broken am62xx-sk,am62xx_sk-fs,am62xx_sk-se,j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-29946 PCIe EP driver: fix setup of ARI when not all physical functions are used j7aep-zebu,j7am-vlab,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j721e-vlab,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm,j784s4-zebu
LCPD-29852 j784s4-evm: SD card not recognized in U-Boot when booting over UART j784s4-evm
LCPD-29688 Upstream: j721e: sdhci0: Capabilities offered in U-Boot Vs Kernel dts are different j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-29644 MMC: SD Card doesn’t go into DDR50 mode j721e-idk-gw,j784s4-evm
LCPD-29634 Need to include codec maximum capabilities in SDK documentation j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs
LCPD-29320 The H.264 profile in the IMG video encoder driver is hardcoded to Base profile. j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-29236 j721s2: GPIO Interrupts are broken in Upstream j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs
LCPD-28848 j721e-hsevm: uboot: board not booting up (upstream uboot 2023.1) j721e-hsevm
LCPD-28511 GPU cache coherency issues j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-27522 Multi Stream decode fails j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-25686 k3conf needs to identify J7ES PG1.1 correctly j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs
LCPD-25662 Remove SGX PVR tools from KS3 devices am62xx-sk,am62xx_sk-fs,am62xx_sk-se,j721e-evm,j7200-evm
LCPD-25583 H264 Encode followed by decode not working for all resolutions in Gstreamer j721e-idk-gw
j721e-idk-gw failing Glmark2-DRM Test (Impact 1)
LCPD-24824 J7200/VCL: u-boot SPL code configuring the SOC DDR PLL (PLL12) incorrectly. Desired boot frequency is 27.5 MHz j7200-evm
LCPD-24798 j721e-idk-gw, j7200-evm UART tests fail (Impact 3.0) am654x-evm,am654x-idk,am68_sk-fs,am69_sk-fs,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm
LCPD-24730 Bug in drivers/net/phy/mscc/mscc_main.c prevents enabling QSGMII mode j7200-evm
LCPD-24691 Kernel: Upstream: Set HIGH_SPEED_EN for MMC1 instance am62xx-sk,am62xx_sk-fs,am62xx_sk-se,am64xx-evm,j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs,j7200-evm
LCPD-24690 Kernel: SDK: Set HIGH_SPEED_EN for MMC1 instance am62xx-sk,am62xx_sk-fs,am62xx_sk-se,am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk,j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs,j7200-evm
LCPD-24491 Docs: MMC/SD supported modes not documented properly for J721E/J7200 j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm
LCPD-22921 j721e PVR profiling with PVRPerfServer test is failing j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-22391 Make sure MMC DLL Delay Matches J7ES Final RIOT values j721e-evm,j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-19871 U-boot: Documentation: Combined Boot flow and SPL Rearch j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm
LCPD-18258 IPSEC perfomance failures am654x-evm,j721e-idk-gw Issues found and closed on this release that may be applicable to prior releases

Record ID Title Platform
LCPD-35028 J7200 perf data is equal to 8.6 but test mark as pass due to old data j7200-evm
LCPD-34966 rpmsg_ctrl device mapping errors see with 6.1 kernel am62axx_sk-fs,am62xx-lp-sk,am62xx-sk,am62xx_sk-fs,am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34963 RPi camera does not work with AM68A am68_sk-fs
LCPD-34928 LTP-DDT: DISPLAY: 09.00 test failing due to weston not being killed j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34923 u-boot: ospi: j721e: OSPI boot failure including DFU j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-34919 OSPI Performance benchmark are not at par with SDK 8.6 j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm
LCPD-34909 USBHOST Audio ltp unit test fails am69_sk-fs
LCPD-34908 J721S2: Display: all test cases are failing j721s2-evm
LCPD-34889 Test to update emmc using dfu fails j784s4-evm
LCPD-34852 Few times payload is packed at size boundary by binman am62xx_sk-se,am64xx-evm,am654x-evm,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm
LCPD-34848 Rproc init fails on some boots j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34839 eMMC raw boot failure j7200-evm
LCPD-34794 AM68-SK does not have mhdp but its node is there in dts am68_sk-fs
LCPD-34692 U-Boot Debug Tips: Section broken link leading to U-boot User’s Guide j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34678 GCC ToolChain: Typo in export path foot note j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-34673 display: j784s4,j721s2,j721e: display tests are failing as pykms module is missing in kirkstone builds (python 3.10) j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34669 J7200 [Regression reboot test failing TPS] j7200-evm
LCPD-34668 CMA buffer size is fixed to 32MB in tiL6.1. Multimedia needs significantly more than that. Add DT node to increase the size. j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34667 J721E: Audio: tests are failing due to missing configs j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-34661 j721e: R5Fs configured in lockstep mode instead of split mode j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j721e-vlab
LCPD-34660 CONFIG_DRM_TI_TFP410 Not enabled in ti-linux-6.1 j721e-sk
LCPD-34649 Wave521CL encoder kernel panic issue j721s2-evm
LCPD-34646 TDA4VM: Status of standalone tests tienc_encode and tidec_decode j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-34645 TDA4VH: gstreamer rtp stream cannot be played j721s2-evm
LCPD-34592 DISTRO BOOT: Not enabled on all Jacinto Platforms j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-34584 j721s2: hs boot test failure j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs
LCPD-34544 J784s4: OPTEE: Missing documentation to set the UART instance j784s4-evm
LCPD-34534 j7200: OSPI_S_PERF_RAW_READ test fails j7200-evm
LCPD-34533 Random failure [j7200: ETH : CPSW2G : functional test failure of ETH_CPSW2g_Unicast] j7200-evm
LCPD-34527 j721e: CI/CD boot failure with PMIC node j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm
LCPD-34519 IPC: IPC_S_FUNC_RPMSG_SAMPLE_CLIENT test failures am62axx_sk-fs,am62xx-sk,am68_sk-fs,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34368 SDK: J721S2: MAIN CPSW2G RGMII Clock Frequency is incorrect j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs
LCPD-34302 TDA4VH: Memory leak in encoder driver/GStreamer j784s4-evm
LCPD-34300 J721E Multimedia documentation improvements j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34292 j784s4: OSPI failures with Rx DMA not available j784s4-evm
LCPD-34213 CI/CD failure (OSPI read performance fails sometimes) j7200-evm
LCPD-34201 Wrong Mapping of tifs-sram@1f0000 in k3-j721s2-main.dtsi j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34190 The last CPSW port enumerated does not untag inner VLAN tag in header j7200-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-34127 Serdes4 Lane definitions are missing j784s4-evm
LCPD-34126 AHP stability test (Kernel boot 1000 times) j784s4-evm
LCPD-34092 Add developer notes section in Linux SDK documentation to point users to k3conf j721e-hsevm
LCPD-34091 U-Boot: Add missing documentation about Adaptive Voltage Scaling(AVS) j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs
LCPD-32971 CICD failure ( j784s4-evm Application exited with non-zero value.) j784s4-evm
LCPD-32929 CI/CD failure (J721e,VENC warning while using DMA) j721e-hsevm
LCPD-32928 CICD failure (Could not find an active interface implemented by cpsw2g to run test, VCL) j7200-evm
LCPD-32927 CICD (Second UART timeout while boot, VCL) j7200-evm
LCPD-32925 CICD [Eth performance test on VCL) j7200-evm
LCPD-32922 CI/CD failure (Kernel panic in CPSW SW stack) j784s4-evm
LCPD-32919 CICD failure PCIe Serror on n/w and NVME // was remote proc failed due to nw is not available j7200-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-32899 CI/CD failure report [eMMC performance out of bound] j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm
LCPD-32853 j721s2: xSPI/QSPI boot fails when trying to read 4 bytes data from NOR flash in SPL j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs
LCPD-32835 ./setup.sh fails due to missing PLATFORM=j7200-evm in Rules.make j7200-evm Errata Workarounds Available in this Release

Record ID Title Platform
LCPD-27886 USART: Erroneous clear/trigger of timeout interrupt am62axx_sk-fs,am62xx-sk,am64xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm
LCPD-22905 UDMA: TR15 hangs if ICNT0 is less than 64 bytes am654x-evm,j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-22544 DDR: LPDDR4 should be configured to 2666 MT/S j7200-evm
LCPD-19965 OSPI PHY Controller Bug Affecting Read Transactions am64xx-evm,am654x-idk,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm
LCPD-19068 DSS: Disabling a layer connected to Overlay may result in synclost during the next frame j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi, j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-19047 USB: Race condition while reading TRB from system memory in device mode j721e-evm, j721e-hsevm, j721e-evm-ivi, j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-17220 U-Boot Hyperbus: Hyperflash reads limited to 125MHz max. frequency j721e-idk-gw
LCPD-16605 MMC: MMC1/2 Speed Issue j721e-evm, j721e-evm-ivi, j721e-idk-gw U-Boot Known Issues

Record ID Title Platform Workaround
LCPD-34710 Fix checkpatch warning and check message on TI-u-boot 2023.04 am69_sk-fs  
LCPD-34106 SPL: USB DFU Boot fails on J721S2 EVM on upstream U-Boot(also ti-u-boot-2023.04) j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs  
LCPD-24108 U-Boot: TISCI config ring fail traces seen in OSPI boot mode on J721E j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-22904 U-boot: Update EMIFtool for i2244:DDR: Valid stop value must be defined for write DQ VREF training j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm  
LCPD-17789 UBOOT J7: Could not see UFS device by scsi scan j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-17523 A72-SPL - Support to dump EEPROM to shared memory j721e-evm,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm Linux Known Issues

Record ID Title Platform Workaround
LCPD-35097 OSPI Boot failing on AM69 am69_sk-fs  
LCPD-35096 OPTEE Runtime security Support : Secure Storage am68_sk-fs  
LCPD-35095 Hyperflash boot is failing in RC7 j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-35094 IPsec benchmark failing in RC7 j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-35093 Verify failing display mode in Rc7 am68_sk-fs,am69_sk-fs,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-35092 Over all test infra/script update for CSI testing am68_sk-fs,am69_sk-fs,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-35091 Enable special build to load MMC as module j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-35089 Boot stability j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm  
LCPD-35087 OSPI Performance benchmark are not at par with SDK 8.6 j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm  
LCPD-35072 DSI is not working due to wrong clock am68_sk-fs,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-35069 DFU boot fails on test farm but works locally ok j721e-idk-gw,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-35030 Display test failing in SDK 9.0 j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs,j721s2_evm-se,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm,j784s4-zebu  
LCPD-35029 IPC test case script update am68_sk-fs,am69_sk-fs,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm  
LCPD-35027 J7 Power off is not working j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm  
LCPD-35010 CICD test on AM68 and AM69 are running from SD card . am68_sk-fs,am69_sk-fs  
LCPD-34988 Weston on DP display on AM68 SKs am68_sk-fs  
LCPD-34983 fix compile warning in k3_j2xx_bandgap driver j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm  
LCPD-34982 j721s2: Enable ospi nand 8D mode in uboot j721s2-evm  
LCPD-34956 J7* : HS : Kernel boot to shell give warning/errors some times Leads to failing RGX_S_FUNC_COMPUTE test j721e-hsevm,j721s2-hsevm,j784s4-hsevm  
LCPD-34935 Reset Performance data for mmc j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-34933 BootApp fails to boot linux kernel j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-34927 kmssink does not render output on top of framebuffer (z-order) j721e-sk  
LCPD-34925 MCSPI: J784S4/J721S2/J7200 RC7 failures j721e-hsevm,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-34922 vatf-scripts: DFU device not found j721e-idk-gw,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-34920 Kernel: UBIFS test failing on J721E j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-34918 Dhrystone Performance benchmark are not consistent across run j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm  
LCPD-34907 J721S2/J784S4/AM68/AM69: Display: DSI always comes as connected even when the connector is not plugged am68_sk-fs,am69_sk-fs,j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-34904 Watchdog reset is not working in J721E and J7200 j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm  
LCPD-34890 uboot mmc sd and emmc performance tests failing am69_sk-fs,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-34884 j721s2-evm : OSPI_S_FUNC_DD_RW_ERASESIZE_UBIFS Failure CICD j721s2-evm  
LCPD-34801 A72 SPL is not present in deploy directory j721e-hsevm,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm,j784s4-evm,j784s4-hsevm  
LCPD-34792 UBIFS fails in OSPI NAND boot am62xx-lp-sk,j721s2-evm  
LCPD-34756 HDMI_S_FUNC_PLAYBACK_1920x1080 failing om AM68 am68_sk-fs  
LCPD-34689 CICD failure Uboot emmc raw read write performance j721s2-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-34590 AM69x: CICD next failures of unit tests across components am69_sk-fs  
LCPD-34589 AM68x: CICD next failures of unit tests across components am68_sk-fs  
LCPD-34516 USBHOST Audio ltp unit test fails am62xx-sk,am62xx_sk-fs,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-34242 GPIO_S_FUNC_DIR_IN_ALL_BANK unit test fails am62xx-sk,am62xx_sk-fs,am68_sk-fs,am69_sk-fs,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-34048 PCIe: AFS bit in PCIE_CORE_RP_I_PCIE_CAP_2 register is not set, j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs,j7200-evm  
LCPD-29521 R5 remote proc load does’nt guarentee CPU0 vs CPU1 sequencing j721e-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-28861 J721e/j7200: MCU/WKUP UART as console. The output gets garbled after sysfw/dm load j721e-evm,j7200-evm  
LCPD-28250 J7AEP: QSPI Write corrupted when the first operation after powerup is erase j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs  
LCPD-28087 emmc: using RPMB panicks the TA on High speed mode j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-26692 Hardware + Software IPSec Performance Test Failures am335x-evm,am43xx-gpevm,am57xx-evm,am64xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-25692 linux needs to identify J7ES PG1.1 correctly j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs  
LCPD-25322 Docs: J7200: Improve the IPC chapter for ti-rpmsg-char j7200-evm  
LCPD-25321 Docs: J721E: Improve the IPC chapter for ti-rpmsg-char j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-25304 J7AEP: USB: USB 3.0 devices not getting enumerated in high speed j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs  
LCPD-25262 j721s2-evm : cpuhotplug06 fails j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs  
LCPD-25195 j721s2-evm: audio device is not found j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs  
LCPD-24725 PCIE RC Link fails when linux prints are made quiet j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-24595 j721e-idk-gw USB Suspend/Resume with RTC Wakeup fail (Impact 1) am64xx-evm,am64xx-sk,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j7200-evm  
LCPD-24589 no new usb reported on host after g_multi am335x-evm,am57xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-24502 j721e-evm-ivi Universal Planes fails (Impact 1) j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-24456 Move IPC validation source from github to git.ti.com am335x-evm,am335x-hsevm,am335x-ice,am335x-sk,am43xx-epos,am43xx-gpevm,am43xx-hsevm,am437x-idk,am437x-sk,am571x-idk,am572x-idk,am574x-idk,am574x-hsidk,am57xx-evm,am57xx-beagle-x15,am57xx-hsevm,am62axx_sk-fs,am62xx-sk,am62xx_sk-fs,am62xx_sk-se,am62xx-vlab,am62xx-zebu,am64xx-evm,am64xx-hsevm,am64xx-sk,am654x-evm,am654x-idk,am654x-hsevm,beaglebone,bbai,beaglebone-black,dra71x-evm,dra71x-hsevm,dra72x-evm,dra72x-hsevm,dra76x-evm,dra76x-hsevm,dra7xx-evm,dra7xx-hsevm,j7ae-evm,j7ae-zebu,j7aep-zebu,j7am-evm,j7am-vlab,j7am-zebu,j7amp-vlab,j7amp-zebu,j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j721e-sk,j721e-vlab,j721s2-evm,j721s2-hsevm,j721s2_evm-fs,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm,j7amp-evm,k2e-evm,k2e-hsevm,k2g-evm,k2g-hsevm,k2g-ice,k2hk-evm,k2hk-hsevm,k2l-evm,k2l-hsevm,omapl138-lcdk  
LCPD-24198 J721e-sk stress boot test fails j721e-sk  
LCPD-22715 i2232: DDR: Controller postpones more than allowed refreshes after frequency change am62xx-sk,am62xx_sk-fs,am62xx_sk-se,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j721s2_evm-fs,j7200-evm

Workaround 1: Disable dynamic frequency change by programing DFS_ENABLE = 0

Workaround 2:

If switching frequency, program the register field values as follows:

if (old_freq/new_freq >= 7) {
if (PBR_EN==1) { // Per-bank refresh is enabled

} else { // Per-bank refresh is disabled



} else {


LCPD-22339 PCI-E USBCARD, ETHCARD don’t indicate 2-lane support with lspci j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm  
LCPD-22319 OpenSSL performance test data out of bounds am62axx_sk-fs,am62xx-sk,am64xx-evm,j721e-idk-gw,j721s2-evm,j7200-evm,j784s4-evm  
LCPD-20653 ltp: kernel syscall tests fail am335x-evm,am43xx-gpevm,am654x-idk,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-19739 AM65 shutdown error am654x-idk,j7200-evm  
LCPD-19659 Doc: PCIe: Update documentation to indicate how to move to compliance mode j721e-evm,j721e-hsevm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw,j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm  
LCPD-19499 Kernel: OSPI write throughput is less than 1MB/s j7200-evm,j7200-hsevm  
LCPD-19497 J7200: CPSW2g: interface goes up and down sporadically j7200-evm Seen only on very few EVMs. No workaround.
LCPD-19084 Few SD cards not enumerating in Kernel with Alpha EVM j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-19068 DSS: Disabling a layer connected to Overlay may result in synclost during the next frame j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-18790 eMMC tests failed on J7 rev E2 EVM j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-17814 Kingston 16G card could not boot to uboot prompt j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-17543 Some cpuhotplug tests failed j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-17421 CPSW9G: Can’t bring up interface over NFS j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-17284 remoteproc/k3-r5: Cores are started out-of-order when core 0 file size >> core 1 file size j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-17172 Uboot USBhost: Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 msc stick could not be detected at second time j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-17171 Uboot dhcp occasionally failed j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-17017 J7: DSS underflows seen on various use cases j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-16640 PCIe RC: GIC ITS misbehaves when more than 4 devices use it simultaneously j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-16545 remoteproc/k3-r5f: PDK IPC echo_test image fails to boot up in remoteproc mode on second run j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-16535 remoteproc/k3-dsp: PDK IPC echo test binaries fails to do IPC in remoteproc mode on second run j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw  
LCPD-16396 J721E: RC: Unsupported request in configuration completion packets results in an abort j721e-evm,j721e-evm-ivi,j721e-idk-gw Workaround for Multifunction: Configure all the physical functions supported by the endpoint. For configuring all the 6 functions of PCIe controller instance ‘1’ in J721E, the following can be used. mount -t configfs none /sys/kernel/config; cd /sys/kernel/config/pci_ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func1; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func1/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func1/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func1/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func1/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func1 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func2; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func2/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func2/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func2/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func2/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func2 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func3; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func3/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func3/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func3/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func3/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func3 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func4; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func4/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func4/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func4/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func4/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func4 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func5; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func5/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func5/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func5/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func5/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func5 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; mkdir functions/pci_epf_test/func6; echo 0x104c > functions/pci_epf_test/func6/vendorid; echo 0xb00d > functions/pci_epf_test/func6/deviceid; echo 1 > functions/pci_epf_test/func6/msi_interrupts; echo 16 > functions/pci_epf_test/func6/msix_interrupts; ln -s functions/pci_epf_test/func6 controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/; echo 1 > controllers/d800000.pcie-ep/start; echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:00.0/remove; echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/rescan; Workaround for switch card: No workarounds available.
LCPD-15708 J721E: vlab: MMC1 not functional j721e-vlab  
LCPD-14249 PCI kernel oops seen between rc7 and rc8 of 4.19 j721e-vlab  
LCPD-9981 Some LTP’s memory management tests fail due to low amount of free memory j721e-vlab,omapl138-lcdk Linux RT Kernel Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release in the Linux RT Kernel.

2.1.8. Change Requests SDK features descoped from 9.0 release

ID Head Line Platform Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-3598 Jacinto Device firewalling support J7200, J721e, J721s2, J784s4 09.00.00 09.01.00 SDK features descoped from 8.6 release

ID Head Line Platform Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-5338 Jacinto PSDK 8.6 AEP/AHP industrial APL pull-in impact J721e, J7200, J721S2 , J784S4 08.06.00 09.00.00 SDK features descoped from 8.5 release

ID Head Line Platform Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-5060 Jacinto networking requirements - CR to 8.6 J721S2, J784S4 08.05.00 08.06.00
JACINTOREQ-4991 Jacinto Baseport, Graphics, Multimedia CR to 8.6 J721S2, J784S4 08.05.00 08.06.00
JACINTOREQ-4934 CSI Capture Automated Testing for J7AEP J721S2 08.05.00 08.06.00
JACINTOREQ-4928 J7AEP Multimedia Scope Modify J721S2 08.05.00 08.06.00
JACINTOREQ-5001 Configurable Buffering Descope J784S4 08.05.00 None
JACINTOREQ-4993 Descope GLBenchmark J784S4 08.05.00 None
JACINTOREQ-4927 J7AHP Graphics Scope Modify J784S4 08.05.00 08.06.00 SDK features scope change for 8.5 release

ID Head Line Platform
JACINTOREQ-4994 Video Codec Memory Optimization Scope Change J721e SDK features descoped from 8.4 release

ID Head Line Platform Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-4930 k3conf Doc and Test Modify J721e 08.04.00 08.05.00
JACINTOREQ-4905 J7AEP Graphics Scope Modify J721s2 08.04.00 08.05.00/08.06.00
JACINTOREQ-4898 SERDES: PCIe + USB schedule update J721s2 08.04.00 08.05.00
JACINTOREQ-4864 4k Resolution Scope change J721s2 08.04.00 08.05.00
JACINTOREQ-4854 McASP Scope Change J721s2 08.04.00 08.05.00
JACINTOREQ-4930 k3conf Doc and Test Modify J721s2 08.04.00 08.05.00 SDK features descoped from 8.0 release

ID Head Line Platform Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-1559 Linux H264 decoder support J721e 08.00.00 08.01.00
JACINTOREQ-1485 Linux writeback pipeline support J721e 08.00.00 None
JACINTOREQ-1444 Vision apps inclusion in yocto build J721e 08.00.00 None SDK features present in 7.0 that were descoped in 7.1

Feature Comments Platform
HS support Restored in 7.3 J721e
SPL/Uboot boot modes restricted to SD card boot mode Restored in 7.3 J721e
1s Linux boot   J721e
Descope for support of native H264 encode/decode Use R5F based driver with OpenVX as interface. H.264 decoder support restored in 7.3 J721e
GPU compression   J712e
SA2UL driver optimization   J721e
Display Sharing Display sharing demo available in SDK v6.1 J721e
Virtualization (Jailhouse hypervisor/IPC virtualization/CPSW9G virtualization) Does not affect 3P virtualization solutions. Basic Jailhouse demo can be seen in SDK 7.0 J721e

2.1.9. Test report

Please find the test report for this release at this link

2.1.10. Installation and Usage

The Software Developer’s Guide provides instructions on how to setup your Linux development environment, install the SDK and start your development. It also includes User’s Guides for various Example Applications.

2.1.11. Host Support

For the specific supported hosts for current SDK, see this page.


Processor SDK Installer is 64-bit, and installs only on 64-bit host machine.